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If you are thinking about renting a place of parking first that you must of knowing it is that the subject is not to you perhaps as simple as you waited for (or as you like to imagine). To the problem of the lack of floors in rent, it is necessary to add years escases in the last to him and stop price as far as places of parking in rent talks about. The pressure on the demand of places of parking seems to grow day to day in Spain. The causes it is necessary to look for them, in broad strokes, in the economic growth that the country has lived in the last decades, which has made that the spending power increases of the families, having allowed them have not only one, but several cars (in many cases). Also, it is not necessary to discount like cause of demand of places of parking in rent, to the greater insecurity caused before thefts of cars of high ranges.

Ten in account an excellent data before beginning the search: the price of the rent of a place of parking is not in direct relation with the quality and the value of the houses that have the district. It seems a triviality, but certainly to know it beforehand it will make see the things you with greater clarity at the time of making a decision. We mentioned only it so that you do not take to disappointments nor unnecessary headaches. The pretty idea of to share If in your case you look for a place of parking in rent for your house, you do not read this section, because it goes directed to those people who need to rent a place of parking only by some hours to the day to leave parked their car in the labor schedule. If you investigate a little and you have luck, perhaps you are able to share a place of parking, which will save long time, malhumor to you, and, by all means, money. The idea consists, basically, in sharing a place of parking with which it must make a route in sense in opposition to yours and work where you reside.

Thus, you occupy his place and he it yours. Perhaps bond, is a little complicated or difficult to obtain, but it is not impossible far from it. You see so that it better, you can begin investigating of what the subject in Web goes such as parkingsonline.com, compartir.com or aparcaya.com. J Bruce Flatt has many thoughts on the issue. You rent or you share, simple recommendations exceeds where to look for options: Real estate Although all the real estate ones do not offer between their services places of parking in rent without going these ligatures to a floor in particular, the certain thing is that yes those exist that take care of these subjects. If you do not know to what of them to resort, you can use a real estate vestibule and enterarte of what real estate they offer parkings in rent in your zone.

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"Lapis, is a sky-blue color. Good is one that has no veins and white spots in the fire does not change color and has gold flecks "- wrote the 17th-century Armenian historian Arakel Davrizhetsi. Today, this wonderful stone is quite inexpensive, but in ancient times, and at least until the 17th century it was considered precious. "… Visit Jeffrey Lacker for more clarity on the issue. This is a real gem .." – shows Arakel. Even at 2-3 thousand BC, in Sumer, with gold ornaments lapis lazuli symbolized royalty. Its color and flecks of gold symbolized the night sky. Apparently it was believed that lapis lazuli carry it, too, that to own a piece of the sky. Jonathan Segal FAIA gathered all the information.

Even in Last on his way, the queen went to the jewelry with the dominating presence of lapis lazuli, and the mourners recited an incantation: "Beautiful but not your lapis lazuli split the graver in the underground world". In a major Sumerian city of Ur, the moon god worshiped depicted as a bull with a beard Lazurite. As archaeologists excavated Sumerian temples, tombs, tombs found many products, these works of art, instructed lapis lazuli, even signs of domination, and the court, in the Sumerian epics, literally translated as: – "yardstick of lapis lazuli." Many researchers, quite reasonably, believe that the Sumerians valued lapis lazuli more than any other precious stones. It is often mentioned in the Sumerian epic works, willy nilly, it has become one of the main pointers to the problem of historical character. The fact that none of themselves and Schumer nowhere in the vicinity of her lapis lazuli mine impossible.