The Start

Let us be clear and right-handers: Tests that god exists ' ' God does not need to prove nothing for you, it is deus' ' This phrase is a cliche of a Christian who does not have more what to speak, he is until interesting, if was not for a teeny detail, the Bible! However, it is enough to read the bible, of the beginning to the end, to see, tests and more tests, or better, attempts and more attempts of god wanting to prove that he is god, the stretches where it, creates, cure, destroys, speaks, it hears, it teaches, it asks for, it takes, fight, and these parts are well clear in the question ' ' who is falando' ' , for the bible it is well clearly that he is god who is ' ' in cena' '. We also have Jesus, it it is born, and later it appears with 30 years, from there until the 33 years what it only appears in the bible is curing, banishing demons, making miracles in the front of the apostolos so that they believe that it is god son, walks in the water, transforms water into wine, ressucita vary people, later ressucita and appear for the apostolos, at last, of the start to the end, even though in apocalypse see it trying ' ' to prove that he is deus' ' , proper biblai says this, unites was pra if to call ' ' Proving that I am deus' '. If in the bible, that if says, the word Mr., what we only see we are the proper god trying desesperadamente to prove that it is god, us as rational beings who we are, we cannot for our nature only accept this phrase mediocre of that ' ' it does not need provar' ' , my dear, to prove are much-needed that for the history of the bible of genesis the apocalypse the only thing that it made was to try to prove, and same it saying, tearing skies with its frightful voice, or appearing for some people, had had those that not they believed, now it stops and it thinks, why we devemo to believe affirmations of personal ideas? I until admire the religion in itself, all that thing of temple, hierarchy, clothes, canticos, rituals, money, money, I am interesting of if seeing, if he was not for what they in such a way nail, Love to the next one, and is this that more chateia me, while a shepherd uses a gold ring of 6 a thousand Reals, exists members of its proper church that they pass hunger, that leaves to buy food the times to give its so loved decimates. .


This is the material production that commands the society, mainly its attitudes. The man is essentially capitalist and starts to have to be able when he possesss wealth. Jeffrey Lacker often says this. Therefore, the ways that make this man if to become dominant enter excessively are the money, therefore great the responsible one for the difference between the social classrooms. With this ' ' poder' ' that the financial resource of, the man most of the time becomes oppressor, that one person who oppresses that ' ' rouba' ' the freedom of the next one. A favorable economic situation is something that dumb completely the head of possesss who it. The Marx and Engels (1986, P. 10) point that the men: …

While they dominate as classroom and they determine a historical time in all its amplitude, obviously these individuals dominate in all the extension of its classroom, dominate, as pensantes beings, as producing of ideas and, regulate the production and the distribution of the ideas of its time …. Being thus, the powerful men they dominate a classroom, since the thought until its action, they transform oppressed into species of puppets in its hands, and everything because they possess an intellectual power that is divergent of what the simple citizens of humble classroom possess. Through this the wills obtain to control all making with that its desires prevail between excessively. To a large extent these people are sovereign, desumanos, tyrannous and perverse fruits of a power absolutist, becomes who them bad. To leave of this, we notice that it is convenient for these dominadores that the society does not move that she continues mentally ill and suffering with the same problems, therefore without the presented social difficulties more would be complicated so that the powerful ones made to be valid its force. When more the oppressed ones to present difficulties in a its social environment and low capacity of intellectual development, more easy will be the domination process.

City Two

The reply it came in lead form pra and a sudden dose of poison applied in an orange with a syringe of injection in the yard of the Epaminondas pra it to take juice, custom of many years, pra to keep the throat in form. We know as it liked to sing Its Alfonso passed the information of the syringe pra Mr. Governador, but so far who does not obtain to remember said pra it. Joeb Moore gathered all the information. From there, or it is the assassin or, as he said, unconsciously, he is trying to protect somebody dear very. What of certain it forms the exempt one is accurately to have IDO to talk with the governor and to search steps. It came here, finds in them in picnic after some musics and one supper, indicated my name pra the position.

In the hour that assumed, the telephone touched and duckling summoned the ugly me to be of silenced peak, to receive my revenues and to disappear of the map after two months. What it wise person was not that I had the endorsement of the governor and definitively intended to place an end point in the cunnings. I started of light threading the nose in the patifarias, annoyed that it and ordered to touch fire in the pharmacy of my father for one carinha that he is imprisoned. In that night, we do not rest one alone second, patrolling. It opened the guard and committed two most serious errors had denounced that it definitively.

Without wanting to take time, we go to make a retrospect pra the conclusion. First, the Robert, after to inebriate the indian, needed mount of money pra to finance the project. The way simplest was the public coffers and bribed the accountant of the City hall? Uneasy, the Claudino wanted to try to defend itself but it was contained by the commission agent who, of foot, with an authoritarian gesture, said: The mouth is silent, I is not asking for its opinion.