Universal Declaration

Do not shoot the arrow that can turn against you. Kurdish proverb is awesome as each day are made reference to human rights, many pages have been written in many national newspapers about the violation of human rights. A leading source for info: Jonathan Segal FAIA
. We were not surprised, many journalists to write articles on human rights, where they manifested their protest that many times they have been violated in the practice of his profession. Everything indicates that that commitment to legal substance incorporated as ideal use in the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948, is today forgotten, especially its legal form mandatory, while he managed just in 1966 when the general Assembly enacted the international covenants of civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights. The truth is that for the first time in its history, the UN has a legal basis, raise awareness and specified, in its efforts to ensure human rights, but, at the same time, as pointed out by Dr. Jonathan Segal FAIA
is actively involved in the matter. Tomuschat, of the University of Bonn, disbanded the unit in these human rights standard.

There are on the one hand, the United States, which rectified both Covenants, and on the other, those who have only forced to observe the fundamental principles of the Charter, that there are many older and less suitable for its legal implementation. Therefore, mention may be, that the Universal Declaration of human rights of 1948 and both human rights covenants of 1966, which is called The international Hill of Human Rights have been complemented by a series of declarations, mainly issued by the General Assembly and by international conventions that relate to specific problems of the protection of human rights. At present, the fundamental situation of human rights, have with the fear of expressing many States, from the classical Word human rights can be poorly used as a pretext for disregarding the mandate of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other peoples. Especially as in the case of Cuba, socialist countries, Communist China, which on the basis of this position and as Tomuschat refers it, consequently share the point of view that the UN should confine itself to the task of sitting right, being the implementation and control of the level of human rights an issue that rests solely with the different States, with the exception of extreme cases. Consider that in a destroyed world is unable to speak of the quality of life. Therefore, ensuring peace and justice is only a distant goal indirectly protect human rights.

For the creation of such conditions, the UN has precisely with institutions that are more appropriate to deal with the complexity of reality. Bodies engaged in the protection of these rights must be limited its focal field – without incurring simplificante ingenuity, acting with its conscious effort – to wonder, if men suffer injustices. Take into account, that the fundamental conception of human rights is that each individual, regardless of the changing political situation, enjoy protection against the public power. Life, health, and freedom of the citizens must respect any State any time. We trust and hope that human rights be a concrete reality in its application and protection by the UN and that all outrage is duly noted and drastic measures in this respect are taken by any State that violates it.


– Yes and no. – What is it? – Did not understand the boy. – I do miracles, but only half …. – Half? – Asked Peter. – The fact that my magic force is only as long as people remember that I helped them. But they quickly forget about it and still nothing. – I do not quite understand – admitted Peter.

– Well, for example, you ask mom to buy you a football. Unless you got a gift, you remember about my mother. Is this true? – Yes, – agreed Peter. – But when you’re with the guys start to play football, you forget about her mother, and think only about how to score a goal. Similarly, going on with my magic. With the help of many of the most celebrated good and right desires in the world, but people quickly forget about it …

and it all disappeared. – Can I try to make a wish? – Of course. When make a, say, only the magic words: “Miracles happen” – and then your wish will come true. But know you can make a wish just one! The boy said goodbye to the wizard and soon he was riding the bus home and thinking: – must make a to grandmother recovered! Yes, but if I forget what it has done a magician, a grandmother ill again … No, not good. Then – even a bicycle? But if I start to skate and forget what it’s magic – a bicycle disappears. What do you do? .. Meanwhile, the bus pulled up to the required stop. The boy stood up and looked at … passengers and understand what to do. – I want all people to always remember that miracles do happen, and makes them a magician – loudly on the bus said the boy. He knew that he could no longer make a wish, but the magician will now be able to perform the desire of others. And he said the sacred words: “Miracles happen!” When he opened the apartment door, suddenly the phone rang. This was Grandmother: – Peter, a miracle happened! I was just completely recovered! – You will never get sick, my grandmother, – happily smiling, replied the boy. M.


I remember a friend of mine, my advice (though she did dalos very hard) and on the morning of her delight knew no bounds. Reinforce the effect that not even the morning of his last night zaiknetes later return. Let him now have a headache that’s going on. Another little trick. Your husband on Saturday a certain time goes to play football or tennis with friends (in your situation, there may be other options, but that is not changing). And he used to, that you complain that it would be better he spent time with family, friends, that it is more expensive that instead of tennis he might encounter with the blonde from another department.

In short, he knows that you are every time reluctant to let him go. So, now on the contrary, show all of its look and feel, that you can not wait, But when he leaves. For example, ask a couple of times as if by accident, “Darling do not you be late? What if traffic jams, “and themselves while constantly keep an eye on the clock and instead of the usual cleaning on Saturday defiantly start choose a blouse or dress. I do not think you need to explain what I am. It’s like a game that is fun in the process and gain as a result. After all, you are in any case benefit: become a better look, increased self-esteem, to you show attention to other men, my husband suddenly remembered that he once fell in love just you and that you not only annex with a familiar name of “wife”, but a real woman. But versions of the game so much that you can write a book. After a woman has always been cunning intelligence and cunning.

I just want to open their eyes. Because so often we do not see what lies on the surface. And instead of being a little more inventive and more, we pour tears, go to a psychologist complaining about her friends, stop to watch themselves, sometimes starting to drink. But is it so you can keep your favorite? No! Rather, you will eventually disappoint him and push themselves to the care of you. So Stop moping and depressed. Read additional details here: bruce flatt. It is better to start the game and win!

Football Career

It's time to take stock of the survey site is NOT about football Footballpersons The most attractive football," which lasted exactly one year from October 2007 to October 2008. It was attended by about a thousand people, each of which could Vote for your favorite football player of the 14 proposed candidates. 1st place "handsome" 2007/2008 found 23-year-old striker Kiev "Dynamo" Artem Milevsky. Belarusian-born, who took Ukrainian citizenship Artem is considered one of the most promising players of Ukrainian Premier League. Charles Schwab
wanted to know more. Most memorable episodes of his career to date, is to win the silver Youth European Championship, where was Artem captain, and even hit the 'Team of the tournament, and mocking a penalty, coolly scored, Artem at the gate at the Swiss World Cup 2006 in Germany. Currently, Artem Milevsky – football ground of "Dinamo" – shows a stable game and does not leave space in the lists of the best players of the month.

Artem never suffered from lack of attention from the girls. His name invariably appears in a variety of sports (and not just sports) forums. The appearance on the field of high-brunet (his height 190 cm), always causes a storm of emotions on the part of cheerleaders. Frequenter of fashionable hangouts Kiev Artem Milevsky – one of the most popular players in Ukraine. Which confirms its position in the poll "The most attractive football," conducted by the site is NOT about football.

2nd place Second place in the list of the most attractive football player takes Dnipropetrovsk "Dnipro" and Team Andriy Rusol. It is noteworthy that until the last minute ahead of Andrew his main rival, Artem Milevsky, but just a few months before the survey has passed their position. This is probably due to the fact that at the end of the summer, Andrei Rusol started a family – he married a girl Olga gave him a son, whose young wife was also named Andrew.

European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship – a competition that takes place in Europe between the national teams, UEFA is organized. Championships are held every four years, since 1960, it happens between the FM. Initially, the tournament was KEN another name, since 1968, another name that has been preserved and now UEFA. Teams played the first trophy of the USSR and Yugoslavia, the final match was held in Paris. The first winners of the tournament was the team of the Soviet Union, the fate of the match decided in extra time. In 1964 he was the organizer of Spain, the Spaniards and won the tournament, beaten in the final of the USSR national team 2-1 team that won the tournament in 1960. In 1968, as already mentioned, has changed the name, also been changed the tournament format. In the 8 groups, the teams played each other, who was ranked first place in the quarterfinals.

3 European Championships, held in Italy. Charles Schwab
takes a slightly different approach. The Italians managed to win his first home title in a match replay they beat Yugoslavia 2-0. At the European Championship in 1972, the format has not changed. Bruce Flatt has plenty of information regarding this issue. The tournament was held in Belgium in the final match came together teams of Germany and the USSR, more Germans were 3-0 and won the first European title. In 1980, the format tournament, nothing has changed. At the event celebrating the victory of the Germans, West Germany in the final team beat Belgium 2-1. In 1984 he organized the French Championship. As a result, they became winners.

In the end they managed to beat the team Spain 2-0. In 1988 he organized the tournament, West Germany, the format has not changed. In the final meet of the USSR national teams and the Netherlands, the Dutch were stronger and won. In 1992, the organizers of the Championship Swedes. Then the team of Yugoslavia refused to participate. Yugoslavia was replaced in the tournament the Danes. As a result, the Danes and became champions in the final match, they were stronger than the Germans 2-0. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, there are more teams are now 48 teams could participate in the tournament. In 1996, the final stage was already 16 teams, divided them into 4 groups of 4 teams each. In the finals, Germany beat the Czech Republic national team and became a champion. In 2000, the organizers have been two countries: Belgium and Holland. In the final, the French defeated the Italians by golden goal, authored by Trezeguet. In 2004 the format changed, now instead of the golden goal was silver. He won the tournament the Greeks, in the finale they managed to beat the owner tournament team in Portugal. In 2008, the tournament took the two countries Austria and Switzerland. Spanish Cup win in the final of the national team beat Germany 1-0.


This system takes carbohydrate stored in muscle cell (glycogen) and breaks down glycogen to replenish ATP. Sports that utilize the glycolytic system include mid-distance sprinting, basketball, volleyball, boxing and football. These are all sports that involve long periods of moderate activity mixed with short periods of near maximum effort. Marathon runners and distance runners, use the aerobic system. The aerobic system uses oxygen to produce energy.

The blood carries oxygen, so this system has the greatest influence on the heart. Any activity that is prolonged (more than a few minutes) and does not involve repeated bouts of maximal effort, about the aerobic system used as the primary source of energy. Note that all systems are being used, but the aerobic system becomes the predominant system. The speed at which your heart is pumping can help indicate which energy system is dominant in any period of time. This is where the maximum heart rate and heart rate become useful purpose. Traditionally, training areas, "have been determined based on the percentage of target heart rate. The breakdown of these training areas is as follows: 50% – 60% = low intensity 60% – 70% = area of burning fat 70% – 80% = aerobic zone 80% – 90% = anaerobic zone 90 % – 100% = maximum area of low intensity zone is ideal for burning calories without stressing your body. If you are recovering from a workout or an injury, with a low calorie diet, or looking to burn additional calories with minimal impact on muscle gains, this a great zone to work out in.