Binet Education

In the book a comprehensive Vision of education the perennial philosophy is defined as the most important three influences of holistic education; repeating that it is the heart of this new paradigm and is conceived as the direct road to integrity, recognizing that body, mind and spirit, are the constituents of the human being, but emphasizing that the basis of all this conformation is the spirit, which represents our true nature. All this vision is synthesized on the principle that we are not human beings going through a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. BASE EPISTEMOLoGICA the books in which it is more related to the epistemological basis are the education of the heart education holistic, Universal Love pedagogy and learning communities. The book the education of the heart explains that, from the point of view holistic acknowledges the existence of different types of intelligence and its importance in all learning processes. If you are not convinced, visit Jeffrey Lacker. From the subhumano level of emotional intelligence that It is the most primitive type of intelligence, based on our instincts, but that thanks to the survival becomes possible.

The intellectual intelligence of Binet, based on cognitive, in our faculty to think, has been for a long time that more importance has been given within the school spaces, under the assumption that was unique and sufficient to cover the entire process of learning, however. On the other hand, the book learning communities stressed that the holistic education does not reduce a single method or to a single theory, but that is more of a human field of inquiry about human consciousness and the relationship between humans and the universe they inhabit. With this vision, with a view to the 21st century, it is expected that education will be holistic and organised into learning communities, and articulator early in the educational process will be the learning to learn, and sees that the best way is through learning communities, where those involved in any process of learning they are always learning all of all, and that the most important resource in this process is dialogue holistic, seen as a possibility to build shared meanings. For more information see this site: Jonathan Segal FAIA.

Investing In Crete

The island of Crete is very attractive for investment in the hotel business, because here there is a law under which the Greek state makes absolutely free subsidy of up to 50% in construction or redeveloping five star hotel. In addition, in Crete there are still virgin places paradise of nature, not spoiled by mass tourism and dense buildings. Here, by law, outside the city can not build houses higher than 7.5 meters, so the island retains its ancient appearance, full of small buildings with tiled roofs. Rhythm of life here is extremely calm and measured, the whole environment and offers a meditation. Greeks Orthodox people, that certainly makes us closer. Crete is very low crime rate and 310 days a year the sun shines, because Crete is the southernmost point of Greece. Joeb Moore has much to offer in this field. When after the first November rains nature rages life in December You can admire the roses in your garden. In summer, temperatures 27-37, 18-25 in the spring and autumn.

Summer season lasts 6 months. Snow in winter is only in the mountains, there, in the gorge Omalos, travel in winter on the tour. The beaches are the cleanest in Mediterranean. A special Cretan diet is known for its exceptional utility According to local rielterov 40% of housing on the coast are snapping up just visiting. Therefore, the demand for real estate creates a steady rise in prices. On Crete no chemical production or factory, it is absolutely ecologically clean area. Greece: and Natalie Tours are planning major investments in Greece.

Association Of Spanish Footballers

More tension to the conflict of interests between the LFP and the AFE. This Wednesday a new meeting is held to avoid the strike anticipated for the two first days of League in First and Second division. The AFE recognizes that east Tuesday in Valencia wanted to meet. Return of nut to the possibility that liguero championship 2011/2012 is delayed, as a result of the strike of soccer players summoned for the two first days of League in First and Second division, after sources near the LFP have assured that the president this organism, Jose Luis Astiazarn, feels ” engaado” by Luis Rubiales, maximum responsible for the Association of Spanish Futbolistas (AFE), to a day of which a new meeting between organisms is held to reach an agreement. According to it reveals the same source, Astiazarn is convinced that Rubiales ” it tried to gain tiempo” after the extraordinary assembly of the LFP of the past 3 of August in that the bottom of competing guarantee was approved and because it is convinced that already ” it had seizure decision to summon huelga” for the two first days of League. Rubiales, on the other hand, has indicated that ” at the moment ” it does not have ” nada” that to say on the opinions of Astiazarn.

LFP and AFE continued maintaining contacts days 8, 9 and 10 of August and, according to the mentioned sources, the meetings were developed in an atmosphere of ” cordialidad” and at no Rubiales moment ” spoke of his; planes”. In addition the LFP considers that ” is impossible; improvisar” in two minutes the appointment of the past day 11, in which the AFE announced the strike call. The AFE says that it had agreed to a meeting for this Tuesday On the other hand, the AFE has wanted to clarify that it had agreed to for this Tuesday a meeting with representatives of Liga in Valencia, that has not finally been carried out with the purpose of to unblock the strike call. Read more from Bruce Flatt to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In an official notice, the Board of directors of the AFE has wanted to make public who, prior to the received communication east Monday by the LFP through an email, ” in that of form unilateral” it established one meeting for Wednesday 17 of August, ” it had anticipated and pactada” for this 16 Tuesday a meeting of the table of negotiation between both organisms. After the communication sent in this Monday by the LFP, the president of AFE, Luis Rubiales, it was responsible for the same communication channel and insisted to the members of Liga to maintain the anticipated meeting on this Tuesday. ” AFE has not received any answer to the communication sent in yesterday, nor has appeared any member from the LFP to the place established for the meeting, which we understand like an one step back to the possibility of solving the present situation before the little margin of tiempo” , it indicates the note. Also, the union assured that it is going to maintain ” a position of dialogue and conciliation before the serious situation that the soccer players suffer espaoles” and it pleaded for the responsibility of the implied parts ” for the sake of securing a solution present situacin”.