The Same

You have already hear? Possible, however, there are different forms with different approaches. With our partner companies, you need to invest any money to get into this form of marketing and no products to store, then difficult to resell. Network marketing is not a dubious niche business, but annual sales and a growth rate referred to by connoisseurs as the growth market of the future, now 100 billion by 10% a year. On closer inspection proves that many women in this industry earn monthly more money than men throughout the year! Actually this risk-free opportunity proves an existence or a second pillar to build, more and more a typical woman-specific, so principles and values of women and female needs and capabilities tailored to. It is therefore no coincidence that also and straight women in this domain are so successful: here isn’t about elbow mentality and the principle upwards to crawl and down to occur, but together, really friendly team work. There is not a hierarchy. The ultimate of a successful activity in the referral marketing is the knotting and maintain human contacts! Do women stop anyway, of course free of charge, like so much else? If as a couple live together, who writes you the Christmas cards, if you think you the birthdays of friends and remember the old aunt Berta from time to time time to call? Who has the names of all children by colleagues and even distant relatives in the head? Who brings people who still do not know each other, in contact with each other, because one might somehow help another, or because you just want that these times get know each other, where they all are so cute and have the same wavelength? In short, who want to maintain the social contacts? Exactly! With a very few exceptions, women do that! Way, because they are simply more interested in other people, constantly, every day. .

Features Web Makes

A brilliant idea goes into the second round, KennzeichenWeb is a community that connects the real world to the Internet. KennzeichenWeb community members identify themselves, their vehicle or other objects with a specific identifier registered with KennzeichenWeb (e.g. the license plate). This allows others easy contact with the sighted “indicator” on the flag Web Web page or directly via KennzeichenWeb email address. The auto indicator to sender’s email address – as well as other services provided: community members receive a special profile address in the form (as well as .at and.

ch) and use many interesting features as a member of the Web 2.0 community: personal profile page with KennzeichenWeb address. Member search on the basis of the indicator and criteria. Members map (Google map) and members lists. Social networking through friends lists and common content creation. Photo-community – upload, present, discuss photos in galleries. Blogs – create own weblogs in different Categories. Communication between members via profile guestbooks and KennzeichenWeb email addresses. Discussion forums.

Car pool and travel partner search. Members are to draw attention to the following options in the “real world” and their KennzeichenWeb profile page: KennzeichenWeb sticker. KennzeichenWeb T-Shirts. Subdomain – KennzeichenWeb email address – KENNZEICHEN(at) (and .at. ch) are more possibilities in planning the development of KennzeichenWeb dates back to the year 1998: at that time was the service under the name “called” in life and found with the slogan “Car number email address” a huge media coverage in TV channels, magazines, and Web media. ” Finally in the fall of 2007 was the completely newly designed project, implemented as Web 2.0 community and the rebuilt Member stock. Extensions are planned. Features Web – indicator, friends find – – press contact: trail 11 A-8072 Ternitz contact: ueberuns / contact

Jackson Or Wulff? Yasni Shows The Candidates Behind The Posters To The Lower Saxony Election 2008

Germany’s first Personensuchmaschine lights through the Internet to the Lower Saxony election candidates 2008. See Saxony election all publicly available search results from the Internet are now the electoral lists of parties and to each candidates name. So the voters can take quickly an overview programs, interests and previous statements by the politicians. Yasni shows also results that cannot find other search engines. For example, who will participate in what company or who where accompanied what offices in clubs. And who in social networks such as MySpace or XING really close to the voters”is.

yasni helps both the politicians and the voters”, says Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. “Ruhl next: politicians with their own profile on yasni indicate on their goals, users can get an overview of all publicly available information clearly and quickly.” Almost at the same time is in a tag cloud”the interest of voters in the election Parties and candidates. About yasni: A is yasni to names and persons specialized search engine and Internet directory for people. yasni is publicly available information such as MySpace, XING, Amazon and Google in the Internet and shows them clearly on one side. Users can save search results that belong to them, in their own persons profile and protect so its good reputation on the Internet.

Yasni users can maintain their contacts with the sending of messages, as well as other functions. Steffen Ruhl, who previously worked in a managerial capacity at job pilot and Jobscout24 is founder of yasni. yasni self created no person profiles. yasni creates transparency, also in terms of data protection. Because many Internet users do not even know what about them on the net is. “so Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. Ruhl next: people are so that today are not transparent as they. Everyone is responsible for the information that it publishes, yasni helps in the maintenance of the own reputation.” For more information see and Contact: Steffen Ruhl Tel. + 49 171 8590953 email yasni GmbH, Lyoner str. 14, 60528 Frankfurt / Main, Germany of Managing Director: Steffen Ruhl register Court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt register number: HRB 81064 mail: info (at)

Launch Applications For 2008-150 Animators Wanted

Cologne looking animation company HAPPY FAMiLY already 150 friendly animators for the season 2008 search for guest workers, which stand out clearly from the animators in artificial holiday club holiday worlds by loving, personal and individual service of small and big guests include kids, youngsters, family and sports. Locations are resorts, camping resorts and holiday villages in Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Interested parties can apply directly online through happy family HAPPY FAMiLY entertainers also benefit from all the advantages of a German employment contract if they are working in resorts in Austria, France or Italy. The working time is average at six to eight hours every day at a guaranteed day off per week. Of course provided accommodation, meals, and travel of staff. To prepare animators attend HAPPY FAMiLY free of charge a job training, on which it intensive and are professionally trained. Feature: In contrast to the large tour operators site period are in a personal conversation with the candidate at an early stage set and then fixed in the contract of employment.

Prior experience in tourist animation are not a requirement, for example, educational training or a started studies in the field of (sozial -) educational or athletic is important. Liked to have seen experiences in care are also children, young people and families. Who wants to be active in France or Italy, should also speak the local language at a high level. It is important that applicants are at least 20 years old and bring along time for a summer job should they be at least six weeks available, for a seasonal job for the whole holiday season, so from March to October. More information: HAPPY FAMiLY animation 50858 Cologne Peter Willi-run-Allee 17 beautiful forests TEL. 0221 500 55 340 fax 0221 500 55 344 is HAPPY FAMiLY animation with his staff for imaginative, inventive and trendy holiday animation for kids, youngsters, family and sports performing since 1990. The Cologne company primarily in Germany and Austria and also in France and Italy is working in close and longtime cooperation with hotels, holiday villages, campsites and holiday resorts.

Companies To Come Back More Quickly On Loan

A credit mediator is in the future if necessary between economics and banks give out concern to a sluggish lending to the economy, the Federal Government has named a credit mediator. The Chief of the Investitions – und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB), Hans-Joachim Metternich takes over the task. According to Wolfgang Brune, Managing Director of cumverbis GmbH, business mediator and longtime corporate customer Executive Board of a big savings bank, the way chosen by the Federal Government is a way in specific cases pragmatically between finance and economy in hard times to mediate. In France, the site of a credit mediator was established already in November 2008. The local credit mediator, Gerard Rameix, has according to own more than 13,000 operations in the first year of study. In this mediation, it should have gone to funding of more than 8,500 companies. This have been in accordance with specification causes EUR 1.8 billion in additional loans and thus secured more than 166,000 jobs. On March 1, 2010, he will Credit mediator based in Frankfurt his work record.

To make the credit mediation in Germany the success model, several aspects of vital importance are currently according to Wolf gang Brune. Mediation is extra-judicial dispute settlement. As all partisan, neutral third party, the mediator for the viewpoints of all parties has to muster the same understanding. So to be on pages of all clients. On the one hand, the mediator is confronted with the prudential arguments of the banking industry. Here, bad balance and uncertainty about future prospects justify credit rejection, even if Government on the positive going-concern Outlook perspective temporarily changed. On the other hand, the borrower with job losses and economic overall damage is argued pages. A mediator does not decide this conflict situation so Wolfgang Brune by cumverbis GmbH.

The mediator’s interpretation and not the lobbyist of a party to the dispute. He brings the entrepreneur and the representative of the credit institution in a new round of negotiations and accompanied a process of unification, culminating in the ideal case flows but the much needed credit in the company if possible. Since a mediation process is a voluntary process, none of the parties can be forced but to the mediation. So, an unconditional readiness for mediation should be counseled about the leading associations of in the economic interest of the banking sector. However, there is the danger of abusing this procedure of mediation. Companies who were ailing even before the financial crisis, could here the chance to fresh capital suspect. Centrally from Frankfurt, this task might be difficult to accomplish. The use of decentralised mediators at the regional level is the better approach here. In addition to the fact that the mediation process in Germany is not yet regulated by law, the difficulty is that mediator is no vocational training. So-defined training and quality standards for these mediators are needed. If possible, you should also have an economic background have to appropriately to meet its mission. There is lots to do so until the first successful mediations can be announced in March. More details about the mediation process generally: Peter Munnich

Federal Government

With the back trainer active epidemic tackle pain back pain are back pain both women and men of all age groups the most common type of pain in Germany, so the Federal Government health survey. Overall about 80% of Germans suffer from at times discomfort in the back area (ACC. focus, 12/2009). Back pain easily lead into a vicious circle: the pain prevents movement. This however weakens the back muscles which can lead eventually to more pain.

At first glance, it is surprising that even therapists and massage therapists often about back pain complain. However, this is not surprising when the hard working hours with more than 10 treatments a day, because the stresses are too one-sided in the long run. The magic word is activity against back pain what helps now to tackle back pain prevention? The magic word is activity. Especially sports such as swimming, rowing, or specific back exercises Sports help to train the back muscles. Swimming in particular is considered soft and gentle articulated total body workout. The training should take place at least two times better every day (but with a different focus). Train with the backs coach at home the way in the swimming pool or to the sports meeting may not be realized in practice.

Exercises that can be made too quickly in between, such as sit-ups or stretch exercises are better suited. In a so-called back coach (a curved back pad) can be used support. The training is thus easier just beginners. It is important for the motivation that it leads just book about the nature of running exercises and repetitions. So progress can be well observed what is an additional pleasure. Note: A doctor for acute pain should be consulted to be sure first. TrendShed provides high-quality massage products for traders on and private persons. As a reliable partner, the company cooperates equally with hotels, wellness Studio and therapists.

Ruven Klaucke German

Cologne holiday on the Rhine with Tutankhamun. Book a city break to visit the Tutankhamun Exhibition to Cologne. By spar with! Travel to the guaranteed permanently low price. Basel, November 26, 2010 – what sonorous name: Tutankhamun! Who deals with the legendary Kings of ancient Egypt, usually first encounters Tutankhamun. Actually a rather insignificant ruler, but the most famous of all Pharaohs he is. The discovery of the largely intact Tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 Tutankhamen became the myth: grave goods in abundance and of inestimable value came to light, as we had never seen before they.

Now, you can discover these treasures in Cologne. The exhibition “Tutankhamun – his tomb and his treasures” is not a boring tour of the Museum, but very lively. You slip in the role of the legendary British archaeologist Carter. Two entertaining movies demonstrates the nerve-racking prehistory until the opening of the burial chamber, then go to the grave treasure. It is replicas of 3,000-year-old objects, you will not notice the quality of the reproductions is stunning.

Always: the so-called audio guide, a small device with headphones. From the sounds the German dubbing voice of Hollywood Heartthrob Robert Redford, who played in this case Howard Carter. Thanks to this tour that detailed information to each “station” of the exhibition – as are even middle of the Valley of the Kings and would expose the treasures by hand. By the way: For children there is a separate, age Horfuhrung.Auch the remaining performances can be seen. To explore not only the burial chamber of Pharaoh, you pay for the Cathedral City, we give you a day ticket for public transport. So can you leave your car safely in the hotel. Oh, Yes, they live at the hotel Regent (…). 4 star superior, design furniture, warm colours and modern ambience. At the unusually lush breakfast buffet (only 18 varieties jam!) must be accessed to your hearts content. And in the lounge we serve you the original Cologne food par excellence: a “Halven cock”. Good appetite! For a complete overview of all holiday offers to Cologne, see… Contact: Spar with! Travel Ruven Klaucke marketing mats str. 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 87 E-mail: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is the leading direct car tour operators on the German market. Destinations are Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, the Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In the crisis year 2009 with industry’s double-digit decline in the number of guests the family company bucking the trend developed rapidly positively. 141.290 guests booked in 2008 198.210 2009 total vacationers with a savings!

Father Fyodor

Gutted pack, Varfolomeich get out of it alone warrant that Brooks, who lives in Grape, 34, twelve walnut chairs factory Gambs. Marveling at their aptitude and ability to maneuver, archivist smile and brought order to the buyer. – All in one place? – Said the buyer. – One to One. All were standing there. Set remarkable. Fingers licking good. However, what you explain! You know yourself! Father Fyodor long enthusiastically shook his hand and archivist, hitting countless times on the cabinets in the hallway, ran into the darkness of the night.

Varfolomeich a long time made fun of okolpachennym buyer. Gold coins he placed in a row on the table and sat, staring dreamily into five circles of light. 'And what is their longing for vorobyaninovskuyu furniture? He thought,' gone mad '. He undressed, inattentive prayed to God, lay down in a narrow little bed, and anxiously maiden asleep. We shall not sleep, and compare the chapters 9 and 11. In Chapter 9 a broken chair, and through the head of his father Theodore gets a false order on all the 12 chairs that are at the same address and the address does not the one who bought in first chair.

Moreover, reaching the general's chair Popova, Father Fyodor crushes 12! chairs. / put yourself in the deluded priest and get back in the 11th chapter. Father Fyodor went to a lawyer, served as clergyman – all it does not involve a man blue naivete. Only his hands that he gutted one of the chairs, and even against his master. So what? Nothing. Not a shadow of doubt. Pay some gold for Varfolomeichu warrant for the 12 seats held by some that Bruns, and leaves happy to finally chop up the whole dozen chairs with an ax. Do you believe in this response the student lawyer? I do not. Father Fyodor far Lavoisier, do not argue, but not the same idiot. I would be glad if more careful reader than I will tell where my mistake. Vadim Kirpicheva P.S1 Site: PS If you know the experts of the novel 'The Twelve Chairs' or known resource, where they live experts, do not consider them to send for work a reference to this note. Perhaps, they enlighten us.

Novelty Cat Holder!

First cat toilet without cat litter – with automatic flush! Ingenious invention for cat owners and cats around the globe House cat owner know the problem with conventional cat toilets: heavy bags of cat litter must first be purchased and brought home. Then, after the pet has done his necessaries, runs it through the apartment and soiled furniture and floors by it transported sand or granules! Then must be disposed of the cat litter and the cat litter laboriously cleaned. Not to think of the problem of disposal of contaminated sand or granules. During the whole time is a highly unpleasant and partially penetrating odor emission by the litter box in the air. The brilliant and world-wide patented invention creates all these problems once and for all from the world. The real, automatic flushing cat water toilet is a world novelty and requires no cat litter. All cat boxes currently offered on the world market, or so-called automatic cat toilet are coated exclusively with urine absobierendem and feces contains sand or plastic granules.

When these cats water toilet absorbs a hermetically closed containers of feces and sewage. Water from a fresh water tank, which is enough for a whole week, wash away the Fakal – and residual urine. A sophisticated system enables a trouble-free emptying of the waste water tank. This eliminates the potential health risk for infants or the inhalation of gesundheitsschadigendem dust created when filling traditional kitty litter boxes. The saving of the Katzenstreus the cat water toilet pays for itself in a short time: the advantage over conventional cat toilets is that only a one time purchase is necessary, the priced roughly at a conventional cat litter consumption for only a cat by about one and a half moves up to two years. With the cats water toilet, the immense garbage mountains, the million pounds of soiled cat litter in countless homes, could be reduced.

Hammad Living

It is already surprising that large living landscapes XXL will be bought again. There seems to be more room in the apartments than many people think. But now sometimes seating habits. Large living landscapes are increasingly in demand. This development is surprising, because actually the living room are small and no larger.

This development is perhaps only an indication of the changing seating habits of people. Many customers want to relax simply comfortable, i.e. at the same sitting and lying. The sofa has become the most important piece of furniture in the living room. The whole family should have a place, this is often only possible with an interior XXL. Likes U shapes with a mix of material from textile leather and fabric be. A modern look that is extremely easy to clean. The body is covered with textile leather and the seat with textured fabric.

So, the customer has a soft touch and a pleasant seat feeling. The textile leather is particularly easy to clean because it can be just damp wiped. Also who is not for an interior XXL decides, often takes a fabric cover. The times in the mainly leather covers were taken, are over. Soft and warm sitting is the subject. This trend will continue, because the variety of substances is increasing. Rough texture fabrics were in demand, now increasingly finer fabrics are available. An advantage of the Interior is of course, that the space is used optimally. So arise suddenly correct relaxation in the living room. Decorated with pillows that are color-coordinated accessories, everyone can create his individual reclining position. So the family can spend time together without too close to. If you have not enough space for an interior XXL, which can choose but also an alternative. For example, a large corner sofa with Ottoman. Most U forms are between 350-390cm width. But what do if only 310cm available. A large corner sofa is the best choice, because the stool can be used as a second Ottoman. You need not so much sitting and Bed surface can then be used just this as a coffee table. Marcus Hammad