Architecture Furniture

Furniture Design preterpivaet constantly changing. Different fashion trends gaining a podium finish furniture showrooms, displacing the earlier models that have a short time, 4-6 months, to be swept away by a new wave design ideas. Changing everything, from design to color products. So the latest trends in the world of furniture for the av equipment – it plazmastend, furniture integrated system that combines the cabinet for the equipment and bracket mounting flat panel TVs. Strictly speaking, individually, these elements have existed for quite some time. Brackets for tv and tv table perfectly perform their functions, although many buyers remain unsolvable issues related to the installation of wall constructions and free-hanging wires. Furthermore, what if want to move the tv? Again, drill the wall? These assumptions determined the merger Bracket tv and tv table into a coherent whole – a plazmastend! Standard plazmastend consists of an adapted similarity tv cabinets, hanging bracket 'plasma' and the cable channel, serving as the connection of the two previous elements among themselves and boxes to hide the cables.

Creating plazmastend designers solve all problems at once: mounting a flat tv, laying wires inside the cable channel, creating enough volume for Installation of block devices. Thus, plazmastend – is a modern integrated solution for easy placement of home theater. Today, the market can find a wide assortment of plazamstendov, from exclusive import models tv-wall, occupying the space of 3-5 meters wall, to extremely affordable Chinese handicrafts. We believe the most appropriate model of a wide range of buyers of domestic production, which have all the necessary consumer svoysvami, but they have a reasonable price!