Basic Education Pupils

Since then already thirty and two years had been transferred more. What it moved? The History that is taught to them still is hateful person? If the question will be considered that still is made the professors of History, concludes that still it has very to be moved. The question that it insists on being repeated to the exhaustion is: after all, why to study History? Why to arrest itself in the past when what it imports in them is the gift and the future? These questions express, on the part of the pupils, the lack of felt in what it is taught to them. One of the answers to these questionings is to affirm to be this disciplines science basic human being in the formation of the pupils, for the possibility of to make to understand them the reality that the fence and from endowing them there with critical spirit, will enable that them to interpret it and to understand it in its fullness, since something is not criticized of which knowledge is not had. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of flexible furniture on most websites. However, no matter how hard some professors if strengthen, they are few the pupils who understand this reply. The critical thought if constructs in the dialtico movement of the mental capacities reorganizing the initial actions, transforming them into new strategies to decide the situation-problem. It is in this direction that we are in considering the challenge to make a study of case with regard to the methodologies used for the professors of History of the State School of Basic Education and Average Lordo Professor, in the city of Picu PB, with sights to arise the critical one, the creativity, the reflection, the analysis and the production of the knowledge, in the direction to promote a bigger understanding regarding events in the area of History, thus contributing, for development of the reflexive-critical thought. Continue to learn more with: Yael Aflalo. It is not necessary to be historian to recognize the importance of the production of the pertaining to school historical knowledge. .