Becoming A Star In Your Life Goals

EAs new year! Time to make new resolutions. Get new goals. New possibilities! AEs exciting to have a new beginning! But only if you're inspired. Because if you're not, succor encandilarte risk and crash with the new goals by the end of the month! If you have a habit of making New Year's resolutions and forget them weeks later, it may be because in reality there are priorities in your life. "The four-hour workweek" by Timothy Ferris is a brilliant system to prioritize your life. Although this is a simplified version, it's worth giving it a try and see how it works for you. 1. Make a list of everything you want to be, have and do everything.

Everything you think is important or you want to do in this life, write it down. Even things that do not think are possible, but you'd like to have, be or experience. Put them on paper. This will take some time. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC does not necessarily agree. At first you start to great things come to mind as having an intimate and romantic success, a new work that inspires you, travel to a exotic destination or learn a new language. Write down everything. Then, meditate and reflect.

Check with the pillow. Think about more things and write them down. Once you think that the list is complete … 2. Edit your list to have only four priorities This is more difficult. You really have to consider what is important to you. yQue is what you really want to be? yQue is what you really want to have? yComo really want to spend your time? Next, edit your list to find the four most important priorities. yQue you? Ytu list you excited? andis inspired? andis motivated to get out of bed in the morning with your list in mind? If not, throw it away. Seriously. If the list is full of "should" get rid of it and start again. ATU list should inspire and motivate! If what you wrote does not make you say "WOW" rehazlo until it does. 3. Finish your list within six months Forget the New Year's resolutions (probably not going to make anyway). If one of its major priorities takes longer than 3-6 months, divide it into smaller segments. For example, if you have a romantic relationship inspires you yque can do to move towards this goal within the next 3-6 months you're not doing now? You could: join a fun organization to meet new people, flirting practice five minutes a day or learn more about yourself and what you want to attract in a relationship. 4. Re-evaluate your list every 3-6 months Re-evaluate your priorities are important not only gives you clarity, it gives you flexibility … and the ability to carry out or experience what is really important to you, without a lot of distractions. You can change your mind. If you fail to feel inspired after three months, do something else. The best thing about this exercise is that when someone asks you to do something that is not aligned with your four priorities, we can say that I ask you again in three months, because until then your plate is full. (Of course, if the request is a "SUPER WOW, THAT IS SAFE" then aadelante!) After all, AERES the Star of Your Life! Cherry Norris.