Chinese Language

In Chinese the characters a lot, and they need to know, need to prescribe, teach, repeat – the lion's share of homework goes into words, and repetition – not only to remember but not forget. Therefore, the efforts of our course instructors have been and remain focused on finding and inventing techniques that would facilitate life listeners. Kitchens has similar goals. Methods and techniques are not created in laboratories, and are taken from life – from the practice (as a teacher and student), observations, experiments on his own vocal apparatus, memory, hearing, etc. Hieroglyphics – sick theme for all sinologists. Methods of memorizing Chinese characters, there are as many Chinese Language learning (including by the Chinese themselves). Several of them, the most common: 1) many, many, many times to register, and 2) look at the character – play it in your mind – write to memory (visual memory training), and 3) to remember by association.

It requires a slight digression: every Chinese character consists of several parts – key elements (once – pictures) – which have their own names. For example, there is a key "woman" and the key is "son", they can "meet" in the same characters, does the word "good" and to help our memory, we come up with any association, say: "well, when a woman has a son." Three years (not counting his own apprenticeship), these and other methods have been tested on students. The last fire with everyone, because it and took as the basis (Others are also used, but to a lesser extent), and at the moment our listeners happy.