Education Profession

Training courses for health practitioners and naturopaths (psychotherapy) in the prime of life therapist school life blooms in Hannover Hannover, Germany will soon begin new training to the naturopath, prepare be therapist on which the. The practitioner training full-time as well as part-time take 2 years. Preparation courses on the examination to the naturopath (psychotherapy) or HPS are also being offered. The full-time education to the naturopath combined practitioner training with the complete training in homeopathy, Iridology, Bach flowers and Schussler salts. The graduates are so immediately after passing the test in the position, to work in your own practice. In the part-time in-service training the medically dominated be exam preparation is connected to diverse insights into naturopathic therapies. During the training to the naturopath (psychotherapy) 9 weekends or evenings 32 exam-relevant knowledge in the areas is psychiatric/psychological study and findings presented. All practitioner training can be supplemented by numerous specialist trainings, such as homeopathy, which are offered in the prime of life.

The naturopath school life flower works in the training with maximum of 12 participants. Encouraged the learning achievements, because they teach you in small groups better, more effective and less stressful. Accordingly ensures an individual attention and support. The lessons are basically in the classroom, not in the so-called revolver system or rotation method, so that the entire training, same students attend classes. This is continuity and calm in the training and the emergence of optimal learning groups and friendships. In addition, all students of a class on the same level of knowledge are.

There are no “hidden” costs for the training in the prime of life, such as registration, separately billable lecture, exam preparation or script and copying costs. In addition to carry only books and exam fees for health services. Interested parties can information evenings make an accurate picture of the training and learn about the school. Dates of the info evenings, beginning each 19.00 clock HP part-time: 26.02.2010 HP full-time: Please arrange an appointment with the school. HP (psychotherapy): February 19, 2010 and may 14, 2010 training start HP part-time: 12.