Egyptian Clothing – History

In ancient Egypt, shoes made of papyrus. In the early stages of statehood to wear shoes allowed only the highest rulers – Pharaoh and his entourage. Gain insight and clarity with Mark Gillette. Curiously, the wife of Pharaoh in the number of dedicated not included, and it were instructed to walk barefoot. Since the shoe was designed for the Pharaohs, then the cost of it was truly royal. According to the historian Herodotus, in the manufacture of one pair of sandals in Egypt, leaving the average annual income city. Although it is difficult to imagine modern shoes without a heel, his invention we owe it to Ancient Egypt.

However, the heel were not cops or priests, and ordinary citizens – farmer, who with the help of the heel received the necessary emphasis, through which could more easily move through the loose earth. The history of shoes in ancient Egypt is closely connected to politics: the ancient Egyptian murals depicted the picture of slaves, a noble bearing shoes gentleman who walks in front of a slave. Shoes then was considered a sign of noble birth, high social status. Then as simple slaves or peasants had no right to enjoy the privileges of lords. Shoes were only a simple sandals made of palm leaves or papyrus, which were fastened to the foot of a cross-belt, from which came down the whole length of the second leg strap fixating between the thumb and second finger of rostral to the end and bent up sandals. Belts are often decorated with various decorative items – this can be considered the first of furniture in the history of footwear. In addition to high-ranking Egyptians wore sandals on his leg bracelets made of gold and decorated with colored enamel.