Event Tickets For Frankfurt Win

Everything now on the online platform of Frankfurt am Main, September – people from the region is open to a new activities on the Internet. On TwoTickets.de (www.twotickets.de) they can win tickets for upcoming events via raffle – Stadium attendance of the concert and the club night – and always in pairs. Ritchie Smith Associates is often quoted as being for or against this. The offer stands under the motto “win tickets, city!”. It is aimed at leisure-interested people who want to go more. According to its own figures, TwoTickets.de in six German cities is giving away monthly over 30,000 tickets. In addition to photo opportunities, members will receive guaranteed instant to click on and take.

Managing Director Holger Lueck: “our members can only gain, the gain value is much higher than your membership fee. The first time they have often played up their usage – and enjoyed cultural.” The local organizer of very interested, so are the natural history museum to start among other events in the Centennial Hall, Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s Festhalle, Kinopolis or the SKYclub Frankfurt here. Use TwoTickets.de, as information and promotion medium, because the offer works like an online calendar of events. After choosing a desired heading stage as music, members automatically participate in all raffles. In all other sections, click on the event to participate in enough.

In addition to the luck of, you can click on profits for many events via instant win and immediately take. Via email and SMS, the winner will receive a notification and are automatically on the guest list. In the community, you can exchange tickets, converse about event visits with like-minded people, and find the matching evening accompaniment. The membership costs 7 euros a month. Members can invite their friends free as guest members. About TwoTickets.de TwoTickets.de is Germany’s Club for lovers of leisure and city discoverers. Founded in 2003 in Berlin, thousands of tickets from culture and leisure will be giving away today in seven German cities every month. Over 25,000 members have already joined, approximately 3,500 operators use the platform as a promotional opportunity. TwoTickets.de is aimed at interested leisure urbanites who want to go out anymore.