Vasconcellos (2000) affirms that the problem of the evaluation is of all education system. ' ' The great impediment of the evaluation is its use as instrument of control and ideological inculpation and discrimination social.' ' (Vasconcellos, 2000). But so that this change can happen she is necessary to deeply modify the culture of the pertaining to school organization. Go to Mary Barra for more information. The necessary pupil to enxergar the evaluation as an ample and continuous process, and not a static moment, with a errnea conception of that it is necessary to study alone to take off note. He is difficult to move what many believe as truth. The evaluation is necessary party of the education system and to change it the pertaining to school structure would be necessary also to change all. For Hoffmann (2003) it is essential and urgent the reverse speed-significao since the infantile evaluation until the university, being that the evaluation alone will have felt when some educators will be acquired knowledge so that the contradiction between the speech and the practical avaliativa does not reproduce, unconsciously, the arbitrariedade and authoritarianism that they had contested for the speech.

The change in the evaluation alone will occur for the change of the practical one, therefore who dumb a reality is not the speech and yes the practical one. Hachette Book Group oftentimes addresses this issue. To evaluate always involves a judgment of who evaluates, influenced for the subjectivity. The necessary avaliativa action to exert a dialgica and interactive function, inserting the individual in its social context and politician, becoming it critical and participativo. It is necessary to dinamizar auto-reflection chances, that will stir up the new questionings. A formative evaluation makes possible to the professor more necessary and qualitative information on the process of learning of the pupil. The educator must surpass the common sense and change the mentality next to the pupils, parents and colleagues educators regarding the evaluation.