Kaindl Salzburg

New surface experiences: Kaindl takes nature as a model – new ideas: it has taken much world premiere for natural Touch2 and much more at the plate, floor and idea producers Kaindl Salzburg for 2013. A special focus is on the topic of surfaces. Filed under: Procter & Gamble. Structure is the nature under the motto”you took once again the nature as a model and brings more authenticity and naturalness on plates and floors, than ever before. Therefore, surface structures from 11 January 2013 at the open floor House will play the main role. Time for surface experiences Kaindl would give plenty of time its customers and partners from all over the world, to learn more about the many innovations. Therefore, the in-house exhibition from January 11, 2013 is open for several weeks.

In this way visitors can intensively deal with the products. Usual competent will be the personal advice of floor House teams. “And Kaindl is visually the motto is structure in nature” on inspiring art making way perceptible. Also the new brochures for the range of surface structures Atlas of surfaces”will be presented in the House fair. These atlases”used individual structures with breathtaking nature surfaces in context. Since its founding in 1897 Kaindl has focused repeatedly on the nature, to create exceptional surface experiences. Because the world is not smooth. It is rough.

There are the corners and edges, the ups and downs, the little bumps that lend authenticity to the life”, explains managing director Doris guide knife to go back on its own strengths. The latest surface structures by Kaindl make no exception and convince the eye as well as each individual fingertip, which deletes it. From above to below innovative while you can go and talk shop in the open floor House on the ground floor of the latest ideas in the field of FLOORS, the floor heard throughout the area BOARDS. Special topic Extra space is given here as in the soil surfaces. To highlight the innovation of double-sided synchronous structure named is natural Touch2 first and foremost. Succeeded worldwide Kaindl as first manufacturer, synchronized with surface structures on both sides of plates. The benefits and uses in the furniture industry, are manifold. In addition to this world novelty, visitors will get some trends and innovations in the countertops to face. Thereof and of many other innovations you can be an image from 11 January 2013 at the Kaindl floor House in Salzburg itself.