Moreover, this work carried through from the exploration of playful objects allowed that the pupils participated of dynamic lessons and demonstrated interest for the content, motivating them for a significant learning. Reflecting on the lessons developed in this project one perceives that the pupils had had a good performance, therefore the activities proposals in this intervention make possible that they could understand the application of the contents of geometry through the agreement of the basic slight knowledge on are angles. Previously, one detected that the pupils had a notion reduced on this content, therefore the difficulties were visible from the moment where if it considered the development of the activities. Being thus, it had the necessity to approach this subject in different ways so that the pupils could acquired one better agreement on this geometric content. Learn more about this with Jonathan Segal FAIA. Consideraes Final From the set of the collected and analyzed data, I could conclude that, in general way, in the school in which I carried through the project of pedagogical intervention, the obstacles presented for the pupils had been diverse during the accomplishment of the activities proposals, however nothing that led to the extremity of if concluding that the learning of them has not occurred in a way significant.

Supported for these information, I judged that the work with geometry, in the school, has not contemplated the recommendations most recent of the area of the Mathematical Education that point the importance of the school with respect to the development of a work come back toward the aiding of the perception and the valuation of geometry in accord with the daily one of the pupils. Thus, it is possible ahead to contribute with the development of the capacity of adaptation of the pupils front to the innovative circumstances and the taking of decisions of the problems faced in the daily one. In this context, so that it has significant a geometric learning, it is necessary that the professors propitiate, first, the basic agreement of the concept of angle through explanations, exemplificaes and differentiated didactic resources, therefore, this will be the starting point for the use of the previous knowledge of the pupils so that they they can reach related posterior agreements to this geometric content.