Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 – 39). Of this if it follows that when we turn concerning the qualities that constitute the ideas, immediately, we have to declare them: They are the ideas the immediate one, and for this adjusting, objetividade of the same Will. In the quality of objects, they always conserve the prospect of ‘ ‘ be-object-for-a-citizen (Objekt-fr-ein-Subjekt-sein), that it is accurately the first and more universal form of all phenomenon, that is, of all representao’ ‘ (Schopenhauer, Arthur. The World As Will and As Representation. Unesp.

2005 – 242) for this to call them Objective Correlato of the Citizen, in detriment of the proper citizen as subjective Correlato of the Idea. Endorsing us in everything what already it are said concerning the concept of Idea, he is reasonable and correct to think the ideas as universal forms amongst the phenomena. However, always they must be understood as general when only compared with the Will properly, therefore to this last one the universality is only truthful attribute. We will say despite the individuation and reason principles are the ones that pluralizam the Ideas in individuals. This is an assertive one that it leads in them to the conclusion of that each individual of one same classification is in the world as copy of one same idea. Thus being, no idea immediate and is necessarily submitted the beginning of reason that pluraliza e, therefore, this is object only for a citizen and never for an individual cognoscente; Soon, always it is reached by pure intuition in a decisive process of negation of itself while individual, never being apprehended for that initial espionage with which the common man if makes use to know. For this, and never for another reason, science does not touch the ideas and if never inebria in the proper essence of everything what has been given in the 23 world.