Middle East

Do do Jesucristo left his promise to return, although? let us be more alive? He proposed in reality never man left him marching from among themselves. … You must be willing to let you eat a little; by ants on Earth, by the Falcons in the air, by the piranhas in, by the sharks in seas and rivers by the Israelis in the Middle East. And bellicose stories fuer, natures of human exhibited how appetizing trophies, today peace and war have evolved. Its transmitter gene has become more devious.

It has mutated. It has softened its phenotypic edges, that no genotype, much less archetypal. Citizen has been the civilized war course within the meaning of that everyday life that is no longer able to procure us with amazement. It is everywhere, both in reality and in technique and theory. In the manuals. In educating new generations mentality. It is say? to say monstrously?, it is not war or peace, it is man, humanity, culture, life.

And as well as evolving the war, evolve also its implements, their conceptualizations, up degrees really extraordinary. If it is enough that we accept it in our conceptual rows as a character of our nature, and load it up and for down with us, in the city, as if nothing dream (so its promoters of it), the war revolution asks us even more, a beyond in our astonishment capabilities. If is true that already recommended us that we acquaint with your butcher, ask us now other romps of reason: forget the conventions and throw us in the adventure of living in a world that no other option that define it as upside down. Namely, enemy is not the soldier on the other side, but now the man of peace, that helps, which restana a wound, or a red cross organizational, a loaf of bread or a curettage, as if a final effort should be made to eradicate for ever those idiots of mankind that contrary to the bellicose nature of the species.