The love is a will to know more and not of being more. In the platonic vision, to take care of the love, it would be necessary to gradual become free of this world land, a material, particular world and for impulse? with aid of the others? to arrive at the world spiritual, of universal wisdom and. The love is a feeling in relation to the life, of enxergar values in the things beyond the appearances. Home Depot may help you with your research. a idealstico feeling, as a vision spiritual of the life. It is distinguished that, when the philosopher sees the beauty of a flower it sees a beauty of the nature, an essence, that at that manifest moment if in this determined flower. The beauty is one only and valley for all the things. For Plato, the beauty is what it confers the characteristic of beauty in some object, as well as justice confers the characteristic of just. To love in the philosophical direction of the verb is not impossible of if reaching, but yes a long process of learning and evolution human being.

The great problem is that we live in a world that in them creates artificial necessities, which confuse in them daily. Therefore the relationships are so difficult; the people share ideas, dreams, thoughts. He is something weighs to the body, and not in the soul, and in these cases the personality differences continue existing, but you have something stronger than she helps to surpass. Plato defended that the love is spiritual and exceeds the substance. The love ideal is to reach the balance, the measured joust. Exists a way certain to love? An ideal love? Plato wanted the idea of a beauty for all the beautiful things. This vision is disagreed with the aristotelian thought, that does not believe nothing ideal, and yes in real things, where it has a beauty in itself in each thing.