Religious Education

Irrational in its manifestations, it still does not allow a person to act as efficiently as possible in public life, but also helps him exceed the internal conflict and condemnation of their past actions by the formula “do not judge, but not convicted will be.” When this behavior created in the first stage personality eventually accumulates enough good deeds to towards others and converted to a more appropriate internal representations of the “correctness”. Judaism as the oldest of the three Semitic religions (XVII century old era), naturally represents the last stage development of personality – old age. Execution of key DISTINGUISHING ideas of Judaism, divine justice, it becomes possible in everyday life only when the scales become equal, and good deeds, Committed to the second stage of personality development, offsetting the acts committed in the first. This status brings freedom from internal conflict and full integration into social life (no external conflict), the ability to take effective, timely, balanced and adequate solutions. To summarize, clearly shows that not one of the Semitic religions is not only correct, or excess, as well as for human live your life is hardly one of her periods seem superfluous. Bill de Blasio takes a slightly different approach. The question is another: “Why do some groups of people to try life in the psychological state of young people, adults or the elderly?”. After all, people live in all stages of personality development. And maybe, finally, it seems silly – to impose old values of a teenager, and vice versa.

Make it still does not succeed, as conceived as a source of knowledge embodied in these religions, we will still go through all three stages, regardless of whether we like it or not. The name listed as “immutable component”, this is the part of us that do not change over time, the observer, and oversees the development of the individual and the outside world. This leads us to the Eastern religious teachings and ways of realization of the Atman, Buddha, and the ringing of the Void, which is our true nature. But apart from our nature is the nature of the Creator and the nature of His creation, usage instructions for which He has given us in all parts of the Semitic religions. It is important to understand the collective consciousness for the peaceful coexistence of people representing different but complementary other cultural layers and religious views.