We have the covering of the governor, the judge and the promoter, who are following of close the inquiries. Yesterday, when I was to speak with the indians, we suffer another attack and we obtain to catch the face, but it is in eats in the hospital. Later others two had been to try to finish with it, burning of archive, do not know? catch we them One of them delivered the truck to me! Ah, the plate is XV-0763, and you it can pro turn Rio De Janeiro legs air. Money, already knows that it is not problem, is alone to telephone. But it does not forget to say that it is in the River. We go to thread all they in the chain, starting for the chefes! _ For speaking in chefes, as walks its mysterious personage? _ Fusillading me with the look, each time that we find in them. I find that not delay very, goes to give one gromog of the erector.

If to support, goes to be better, therefore I want to have the pleasure, I myself, to lock the cell that it to enter. If pra it I is one moleque irresponsible, pra me it does not pass of one patife murderous. The war of nerves the one that submitted it me, now, goes to have to support in much more high doses. I go to catch it I go, you to see! He concluded with so great vehemence, that he arrived to surprise proper itself. _ Youngster, seems that you were waiting I to leave pra from there to beat the dust and to clean the dirt of the city! worse, is that it seems that you want that I make the same here in the River, right? But, who am I pra to give this turn? I go to make what it will be possible, you? Laughing, if they had fired as good friends.