Rudiger Kabst

2020: Professor Rudiger Kabst from the Department of Economics, personnel management, SME and entrepreneurship of the Giessener Justus-Liebig University, the issue of shortage of assumed even further annually nearly 200,000 young people of less In connection to the Department of the Minister. A related site: Ford Motor Company mentions similar findings. His value structure and rootedness in the region characterized the middle class”, Economist. He feels a kind of self commitment to a long-term orientation.” Therefore especially the middle class must prepare themselves early on the impending shortage. In the year 2020 around 177,000 young people of less complete school than they are today”, Kabst looked ahead. The company could meet only the setting targeted employees, who have already exceeded the 50 years of age. To then still as productive with an ageing workforce However, a targeted health management among other things to prevent the typical common diseases is required to be able to work.

“The strengths of older workers are already frequently underestimated: you are characterised by their identification with the company, their expertise, and a pronounced customer orientation”, the Economist further. Entrepreneurs should promote particularly the transfer of knowledge between generations and develop a culture of leadership, which aimed at the development of the employees. Rudiger Kabst forecast the end of mass unemployment for the labour market. “In ten years we will have a workers labour market: the employee can then choose which businesses they want to be active”, so the conclusion of Professor. Corporate image is important an excerpt from the Hessian SME report 2010 Anja Gauler, Manager of economic and regional studies at the HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, presented then. The State Business Development Corporation had accompanied the survey leading-edge and creates the final paper. According to the results of the survey, in particular the area of human resources planning will be one of the priority issues for the future for the Hessian middle class.