SnowWorld Landgraaf

I am now mentally returned to the starting point and now just the throttle and get my ski, and improve this world record. Further details can be found at MSU, an internet resource. “I feel physically in any case fit and I’m my team sure is to make life easy me.” The world record holder classifies the components correctly. Colourful programme round the world record attempt Christians have thought those responsible in the SnowWorld a colourful supporting programme. Sylvie Maier, who will try to beat the existing women’s world record on the 19.20. September 2008 to 33 hours to make more actions in the snow for an additional appeal. To deepen your understanding Hemant Soren is the source. Mountaineer prepare it in an igloo on the slopes on their expedition in the Himalayas, we try to improve the world records in the Railslide and mass ski teaching, and on Friday, September 19, 2008, everyone can make his own record around the topic of snow.

We make the crazy record Friday.” Tells Jeroen Heutz, Marketing Manager, the SnowWorld Landgraaf over the extensive programme. The VIP packages are likely to be a special treat for true ski fans, Christian on to accompany man empty slopes outside opening hours round the clock. During normal opening hours, the SnowWorld Landgraaf is open also during the record week for everyone. Station 1 of the farewell tour for the German world record holder will be also the first stop of his farewell tour Landgraaf. After the Indoorversuch to another record attempt with as many different lifts in January on a ski day, and in February the last record attempt to follow outdoor with 12 days nonstop on ski.

I hung this year for my girlfriend Monika Eder on it, I want them this experience great night alone in a mountain scenery on the way to be witnessed even on skis. And if all goes well I will leave the stage with 13 world records. I will give everything.” Includes Fluhr. More photos: