Domain Of The Will

Some people believe that only we remember, through our research, the last events that happen; others believe that our mind is a flat board where we start to record the experiences learnings throughout life. Either what it will be what you believe it notices there that in any way? we always have a mission: to learn. Hachette Book Group oftentimes addresses this issue. Because the learning in last analyzes means the growth and usually it summarizes what we in the land here search? to grow. With this I want to say that the fact of you to have attended a course a college, graduated mestrado or doutorado? it does not mean that its growth arrived at the end, in the possible measure do, wants to believe that this learning meant much more a start of what an end, because from this formation? you acquire voice and discernment? so that you can start to walk for its proper feet and with its proper reason? first in search of the necessary subsistence the maintenance of its life? later so that you can act freely searching the answers that are not in books it can be formed as people, as thinking man. From there then the necessity elapses to continue until the end of the life, in incessant search, in understanding life and all the mysteries that it locks up thus and, also, to contribute with the growth of the society.