Vacation Planning

When planning vacations and make hotel reservations, if the venue is Europe, a less obvious destination that attracts Rome or Paris with his seduction outside time. Portugal is famous for its fantastic beaches and its delightful fusion of modernity and past. In Portuguese lands the past trips seem possible: medieval castles, fortresses and monasteries dot the landscape; buildings Art Deco groom of the cities streets, here modern and spacious, there paved and medieval. Portugal breathes an air of nostalgia. And as children are the homeland of which greater nostalgia feel, it is not surprising to discover a fascinating fact: there are numerous museums of toys in Portugal. The Museum of the toy of Seia is located in the region of the same name.

This institution opened in 2002 has the privilege of possessing the largest and most complete collection of toys in the country. Its main purpose is to find out the meaning of children in different cultures. Explore your rooms is to discover what means to be a child and what role met toys in nearby and remote societies. From the past to the present, toys from Portugal and the world dazzles visitors of all ages. The Museum of the toy in Lisbon in part because its more than 40,000 pieces several contributors who have donated very valuable items. And especially, patience and affection of the collector Joao Arbues Moreira. Soldiers lead and rope, dolls with their garments, furniture and houses, planes, trains and cars of all ages populate its halls delighting children of all ages. The Museum has also a shop where they sell toys with old, impossible to get in modern shops.

Rag dolls as that with so much affection sewn together grandmothers, Tin cars and replicas of the traditional tin soldiers remain on the shelves. Beyond traditional guided tours, both museums organise temporary exhibitions and cultural activities such as workshops on history and manufacture of toys or children’s film festivals. Is not so far possible reserves online-advance tickets for these rides that we must not lose. But it is possible to obtain on-line a Lisboa Card, card for travelling on different public transport of the Portuguese capital which rewards its owners with discounts on these and other attractions of interest.