Free 3D Room Planner In New Version

Faster, easier and with more objects photo-realistic spaces and floor plans planning, save, print and send: the 3D room Planner on has been enhanced with new features. (tdx) With just a few clicks find the matching paint, replace carpeting against wood parquet and furniture back in a matter of seconds is the free 3D room Planner on for years of one of the most popular planning tools on the Internet. Photo-realistic spaces can be completely set: ranging from the choice of the floor and of the furnishings, curtains, lamps and all kinds of accessories. The representation in 3D makes it possible to consider the space from all perspectives. Furniture can be optimally placed and the effect of the room thoroughly be scrutinized. The functions and the user interface of the room Planner were now revised and improved. In addition, approximately 30 furniture catalogs with over 500 objects have been added.

In addition to the layout, the menu structure has been the ever-growing pool of objects adapted. Pieces of furniture, colors, lighting concepts can be found so much easier. Intuitively and in a short time the user can make his room, store, print and new: send by E-Mail to friends. Also new: Rooms can be arranged one above the other and each other directly. The result is ultimately a multi-storey, full floor plan which takes into account all: Windows, doors, angle and sloping, even an advantage that to appreciate the above all budding builders in designing their home know. Of course, also the inventory of furniture, cabinets, sideboards, lamps, beds, kitchens and all other furnishings for indoor and outdoor use was extended. There are now more than 1000 objects to the design of the own dream of living available. Additional options, such as the adjustment of the light conditions, depending on the time of year and direction, or the setting of artificial light, in which even the wattage of the bulb can be specified, leave the Rooms seem even more realistic.

Massive House

The massive House has a sturdy construction. The massive House has a long tradition and in the middle ages, massive House was build in the Act. These stone structures were the cities and today are witnessing an impressive construction. Windows and doors at that time were made of wood, which were inserted with a frame. At the present time, these houses are still pronounced popular with many builders. The massive House determined the landscape in Germany and across Europe.

So a massive house building is the desire of many future Eigentumer.Heute the massive House has exterior walls made of concrete. This will build on the massive House used bricks, sand-lime bricks. Also a modern thermal insulation is installed with and lower heating and energy costs so dramatically. Many builders place where massive House build on a basement. Darren Woods oftentimes addresses this issue. Many useful things can be put, as the heating system at this point. The massive house building takes a bit longer than the setting up of the prefabricated house. Individual wishes can but be implemented in a massive House.

Also the Roof design is individually in a massive House. Many owners opt for a two-storeyed house. This is enough space for the entire family. Also at Massivhaus can be built two completed apartments building. The living room is not even required, this apartment can be rented. That brings revenue straight for young families. The consumption itself can be used later. Massivhaus build also a great value is placed on the grounds. At this point we also a terrace with set equal to. This is additional living room and in the summer, the family can spend much time on the terrace. Many builders are joining this trend of house construction. Volkmar Schone