Classic Games

The Game conducted on a flat plane, mainly at the table (hence the name 'table') .- in the majority of this logic game (although there are exceptions, designed to care or skill of players). We can distinguish Several trends in table games: – Classic games – chess, checkers, backgammon, etc. The games people play since ancient times, but the relevance is not lost yet. These games have stood the test of time and survived to today. – Card games – poker, you fool, whist, bridge, solitaire and various others. For more information see Stanford Medical Center. These games also of interest does not fade and can be developed even more than classical. The first cards appeared in China centuries 7.8 and manufactured by applying an engraving on cotton fabrics. For even more analysis, hear from Yael Aflalo.

Map was divided into two parts (a picture of the play and the text), but the meaning was that in order to select the desired quote to the desired picture. In that sense, in which the cards are known us today (pack of 36 cards, 4 suits), they appeared in the same China in the 12th century. In Japan, 12.7 centuries cards were used like modern quizzes – fun for the educated elite. In Europe, the Crusaders brought the card from Muslim East in the 11-13 centuries, where a pack called 'Naib. " – Games with dice – as old as the classic games (during the excavations in China have been found bricks dating back 600 years, scientists BC, the ancient poem Mahabrahata ('The Tale of the Great Bharata "), written in Sanskrit more than 2,000 years ago, there are also references to the game of dice).

Football Manager

Fantasy Football League Manager game with Konterstark a game on the market proved itself, which is on a level with PC and console games. On all portals of football, talked about Konterstark and written. The Internet community of soccer zone (, which deals with the football and the PC game Football Manager, has joined decide, to leave the previous market leader, and located at Konterstark to sign up. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as closets by clicking through. The impetus to do this, the operator gave the page himself: Martin Hahn: with our community, we were already active in some Manager games and were so far quite happy. But then we came across Konterstark and felt quickly within the community, to get. Get more background information with materials from cupboards. Already at first sight, the player at Konterstark is taken differently.

A wonderfully designed website and an interface that more looks like a real computer game, as after a classic browser game, a super atmosphere gives rise to direct. Numerous Additional functions such as the training mode, the sportsbook or extra points by perfect lineups make for a much more intense feeling and leave real coach and Manager atmosphere. We are fully excited and I personally, not even touched since I met Konterstark, my numerous accounts with other Manager games. “It’s like with fast Internet: who once had DSL, will never again with the modem surf…” The Konterstarkgemeinde on many new and exclusive features can be happy in the future. Counter tactics GmbH Jan Steiger Beach Ahornallee 81 23669 Timmendorfer Strand E-Mail: press @ Internet: contact for pictures and more information with us in conjunction.

Counter tactics GmbH: The counter tactics GmbH was founded in 2007 and is specialized in the creation and distribution of innovative software solutions for the gaming industry on the Internet. The company provides its customers comprehensive advice and support. Around the new product Konterstark the counter tactics GmbH offers a extensive network of services and marketing solutions. The counter tactics GmbH is supported by numerous national partners from the field of sports and media.