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In addition to the agreed price movers require frequent additional fee some moves mutate into a nightmare. The cases are often similar. Movers come in without a corresponding equipment, come to little or unqualified employees. Often take longer than planned, the moves. In addition to the agreed price, the movers require often additional fees of accrued overtime.

These additional costs are of course then of those who move, not paid. In response, the movers do not unload the furniture and withheld the furniture. Ultimately, a statutory right of retention of the furniture of the sender is entitled to the movers. This requires that the claims of the moving company is entitled. So, this does not apply for wrongly demanded additional costs. Usually the customer site is powerless, however if the movers are a fait accompli. Additional information at General Motors Co supports this article. The police can’t help, since it is to civil Disputes are, and these must be fought in court first.

The identity of the Packers is important to hold, to record their personal information so”here, first of all, advises lawyer Markus Mingers from Julich. Is to think about an injunction”if necessary. If objects were damaged during the move, the moving company’s liability depends on the individual contract between the parties. Inasmuch as the company alone has the complete move, it is usually alone liable. But contractually agreed that helps the customer himself, hence the liability of the company is reduced. Therefore it is important to note that the self may tackle the price reduced, however, can be the circulation of the liability on the movers are difficult. Lawyer of Mahmoud recommends visible damage, immediately, no later than on the day following the delivery of the furniture to determine, to photograph and to assert. Not immediately externally visible Damage must appear within 14 days after delivery”, said Mahmoud. Therefore, it is important to accept from the outset, not every cheap offer. The customer should carefully consider whether a fixed price is reasonable, because otherwise, the trouble is inevitable. Therefore, it helps to compare different offers. Lawyer of Markus Mahmoud

Maintenance For Children Can Be Restricted To

Lawyers inform the child support emerges from section 1601 BGB and belongs to the so-called family maintenance Dittenheber & Werner. But parents in fully to the maintenance of their children are not always required. The law firm Dittenheber & Werner family law specialists explain under what circumstances the child support will be reduced. The child support is aimed at minors and adult children who are unmarried and not able, to provide for their own living. Minors exists only in a few cases a restriction of the parental obligation.

The question of whether the children have their own income from capital or labor is crucial in any case. Jobs exert many minors to improve their pocket money. These are but rarely applied on child support. Basically, a monthly amount of 40 EUR is completely ignored. Revenues that exceed this amount, must be apportioned “are charged with the performance of the debtor, unless it’s cheap” is so appropriate and reasonable. Is usually any such crediting increases not as 50% of the proceeds after deduction of the parent.

The training allowance for minor children, credited after deduction of an expense amount from 90 euro, half the amount of maintenance. While the assets of the minor does not restrict the child support, do all capital revenues associated. Adults who are unmarried and in vocational training, are also entitled to child support. This is however stronger by the legislator limited as the claim of a minor. The training allowance of adults, resolves completely minus the expense allowances, with the maintenance claim. The adult child has capacity, it must use, this, up on an allowance to be determined by the Court to the self maintenance before a maintenance obligation of the parents into account comes. Investment income are maintenance-reducing effect, as also to minors, while income from student and student jobs find no heed. While a minor (section 1602 para 2 BGB), can not even forfeit its child maintenance claim this is possible with adult children in accordance with the criteria given in section 1611 para 1 BGB. Must attributable to a moral fault in the creation of their need to be or show a significant misconduct against the debtor, your claim can permanently forfeit. Is fighting to extent and existence of entitlement to child support, the use of a professional legal representation is everyone recommended. The Munich firm of Dittenheber & Werner family law specialists can assist their clients in these and all other family law matters at any time. Press contact Dittenheber & Werner lawyers law firm contact person: Gunther Werner Pettenkoferstrasse 44 80336 Munich Tel.: 0 89 – 54 34 48 30 fax: 0 89 – 54 34 48 33 E-Mail: website: