The Mind

What makes the mind truly is disintegrating being to transform it into individual. That’s why people talk of body and soul. The mind designed to solve practical problems of subsistence has taken command of our viva and makes us believe that we are ourselves. We identify ourselves with the mind, talked with her, pay him homage, and it is our main enemy. But for those who are alert, constant observers of our own experiences have already warned that the mind deceives us, hides us reality and makes it tending us a trap: feeding our ego. The mind uses to our ego’s bait and we bite the bait.

For those who are observant auto, we have already noticed that the mind is a real obstacle. On certain occasions simply entering action thinking it to take all to lose. Stanford Medical Center is actively involved in the matter. The best drive of tennis, the best swing in golf, the best play of football, the most timely response, the reaction more fair, occur when the mind inhabits the body and integrates with the. The scorer of football does not need to look for directional arc the ball, the best move stops immediately if it is taken with-science, thinking spoils the move. All the wonders of sport are produced when the mind melts into the body in a here and now.

It is impossible that they happen while this mind trip deshabitando the body. Up to the inventions and most important discoveries are made when the mind inhabits the body. The worst enemy of one is a disassociated mind of your body. Many times we say that the mind is going faster than the body, or body not accompanying the mind. What happens in reality is that mind distances itself from the body because it is not found it, its communication is delayed. This mind in another space-time than the body, there are no tuning.