United Nations

Of this form we will learn as to act and until where we can arrive in the exploration of the natural resources ' '. When analyzing the consideraes of Sariego, we can strengthen that since the sprouting of the man in the Land, the frequency and the types of ambient impact have increased and diversified very. The first type of impact caused for the man probably was derived from the domain of the fire. To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements and the nature in general, the ambient impacts ram if extending in intensity and extension. With this, century XXI, if express marked by a bigger comprometimento of the people, understanding that the concern with the preservation of the available natural resources becomes necessary, that guarantee the conditions of life in the Planet, beyond recognizing that the responsibility is of all and the change of position if makes immediate. We look for to develop a civilization capable to guarantee the fulfilment of the law and them right human beings, respecting the integrity of the different cultures, respecting the Land, rejecting the idea of that the nature is only a set of resources to be used. Thinking about the ambient, social crisis, of consumption until technological that it lives, one becomes basic concrete mediation, attitudes, taken of positions, that integrate and implement the life in the society of sustainable form. Considering these notes, we will make practical reflections and of groups that search alternatives front to the current world-wide situation, through on international movements to the ecology, the preservation of the nature, the defense and promotion of the human rights, social and ambient, the concretion of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium, in partnership with United Nations. Ahead of such movements, we find the hope and we will fortify our actions, so that effectively, one another model of world and globalization if configures as possible.