Ahead of the Arts, for example, a deepened study more on as the artists contemporaries they have alerted in its compositions literary-musical comedies for the perigos the one that humanity if submits when she disdains the values of the life, also, the value of the water. These you alert, for example, are gifts in street musics (rap), in letters of Brazilian popular music of famous singers as Marisa Mount, Arnaldo Antunes, Guillermo Arantes, Chico Buarque, Chico Cezar, amongst as much others that if they use not only of the disdain for the value of the life and of water as danger for the humanity, but also it disdain for the value of the friendship, the cooperation, it respect, of the equality, it love. As for the study of languages, either English or another foreign language, it could be thought about a reading of Hamlet, of William Shakespeare, where the Oflia protagonist if shoots in the river and dies drowned, exactly for if feeling rejected ahead of the world where she lived, inspiration, also, express in last estrofe of the poem above. How much to the Portuguese Language Literature, objects central offices of this work, it has that to perceive that the text in the ones of the edge for diverse boardings. Additional information at Joeb Moore & Partners LLC supports this article. Let us think about that one cited initially in this chapter: that one that receives social categories to adentrar in the zones of shades that circulate in the ideological character of the text. We can, for example, say in semiologia or semantics, making works with the words that if insert in the text, as well as the metaphor of nenfar if contrasting with the drama of the tragedy, or the processes of formation of the words: dull, odourless, dissolvente, centesimais, but we prefer to make the way of that analysis guided for weltanshauung, of fenomenolgica origin. work in Portuguese Language, then, can be centered exactly in the social category of the relations human beings. .