Artificial Stone Countertops

Artificial stone Corian (CORIAN) and other brands, can be characterized as material: – Seamless – Flexible (heating) – maintainability – easy handling – waterproof (due to lack of time) – thermal conductivity (easily takes ambient temperature); – safe! All this makes Corian (CORIAN) and other brands of artificial stone in the perfect conditions both public interiors, and a residential area. How to choose an artificial stone, who would come for you? All very simple – most brands of artificial stones are identical in physical characteristics and have very little differences, and yet at some points should be noted. In this article, we will try to illuminate. 1. Quality of the material for the quality of the materials can be sorted into four groups: 1. The best quality of the material are known: GetKor (GetCore), Corian (Corian), Staron (Staron): – Corian (Coran) – a recognized leader and more Facebook – the ancestor of this market; – Kerrock (Kerrock) – a relatively young brand of artificial stone is in excellent shows in Europe and finally got here in Russia, the quality of this material is only slightly inferior to Korianu (Corian), first and foremost because of the limited color palette, but it is more economical, best value for money – Staron (Staron) – artificial stone from Samsung, the Korean production, is not conceding Korianu (Corian) in color and stably on the heels of the leader, this material also applies to the highest degree of quality. 2. Brands of artificial stone of average quality are: – GetKor (GetCore) – artificial stone of high class, even though it is not common in Russia as well as Corian (Corian), but all the same German quality – it's the German quality – Avonayt (Avonite) – a little known until the Russian consumer American brand, yet it is in some way recognized leader in the production of artificial stone translucent scales.