Barren Souls

Some find that they have to conquer lands and more lands, because the one that has is not enough. What it generates me the ambition? War! in the war somebody has certainty of its survival? It will be that not yet it perceived that all the existing land is not its and that it comes to the world only for a temporary learning. The Native land of Origin is not this. Here it is only one lodging, where the Human being, after cinquenta, sixty, one hundred years, will have to return to the land its body flesh time. Barren souls You separate you of me, all the ones that practise the iniquidade, because it heard the voice to you of my moan. Book of the Salmos, cap.6: 8.

The barren souls Are the tombs of the nations That under the guante of the bad Diexam emotions to lead I shake To it of strong storms. To the piles they agitate themselves Becoming aflitas the Creatures Human beings Who suffer the peonhas From its revolts. Who will be able to suster the souls that are to make its tombs? Nations and more nations, Far from the Love of the CHRIST, Already had lost the spirit; They are only dense substance That if dilutes In the vortex of the internal wars. Exactly of foot, Already they had lost the Faith, and they walk cabisbaixas, As enormous masses. He is a people, Whom nothing it sees and nothing it feels, Because it is substance only.