Call Representatives

The culprit is not an admission of guilt and does not agree with the amount of damages in this case, the victim is usually very hard to solve the problem and get redress. For the successful resolution of situation, we strongly recommend that you immediately contact the law firms in Almaty and organize the participation of a lawyer from the moment of fixing the fact of the bay. If for any reason, it is not possible, then the owner apartment to a series of actions aimed at fixing the incident and collect evidence. Correct and timely actions committed by the evidence and help in the future to effectively protect their rights and interests. In particular it is necessary: Call Representatives CSC / CSR and the right to make the act of examination rooms on the fact of being flooded.

The act of flooding (the Gulf of flow) recommend the apartment to issue as soon as possible after the flooding of the apartment. Drawn up in any form, either in the form established by the CSC / CSR. The Commission in the preparation of an act of flooding the apartment should include: – the owner of the submerged apartment, or its representative (lawyer) – the owner or the owner (eg, employer) of an apartment from which there was flooding (flow) – representatives of the organization, which manages data apartment building (it could be CSC, PSC, or any other management company). It is desirable that these were the chairman of the organization and the technician (plumber). In the act of flooding (the Gulf of flow) flat commission must be fixed: 1. The fact that flooding and property damage. The instrument should reflect exactly where flooding has occurred (flow), the volume of flooding and flooding caused by damage (size of damage paint (whitewash) the ceiling or ceiling or other ceiling coverings, wall coverings the size of lesions (wallpaper, painting, etc.), a detailed list of damaged property (Furniture, appliances, books, etc.) with the identifying characteristics of the property (for example, make and model of damaged televisions, audio systems, etc.).