Dog Breed Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise dog breed is characterized by having curly hair and a very cheerful character. They really enjoy playing and outdoor rides. The joy that possess can be appreciated by the incessant movement of its tail which it is noted on his back, as it is a particularity of this breed, have the tail curved over the back. The structure of the skull is flat, which gives it a very tender and sympathetic face. It is small but well formed texture. The hair is soft, woolly and presents many curls.

Its color is a bright white. It has its origin in Italy, where he was highly appreciated as a companion dog, and was very well accepted in France and Spain. There are many paintings where these specimens, accompanying persons aristocrats. They were very well received by the ladies of the time, by being very companions and cheerful. They were also used to provide heat, especially in the beds where they were allowed to sleep with that functionality. It is easy to educate, since it responds very well to verbal directions from the owner. He is always attentive and willing to play. It is suitable for young children, since it is very tolerant and enjoy playing and making children laugh.

It is very guardian, but rarely barks. It is not a dog for protection, since its size is very small. He will only be alert when the intruders arrived. But in general, its function is the master company. It needs plenty of exercise, and enjoys a lot of outlets to parks and open fields. It adapts very well to apartment life, provided it take them for a walk daily. Your hair care is very important, you should bathe once a week and brushing you hair three times a week, if you want to show off a shiny and cute dog. The problem occurs when you let it be without brushing for a long time, and are formed knots in your hair almost impossible to untangle, by what often has to resort to cutting hair as the only solution to this problem.