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With the back trainer active epidemic tackle pain back pain are back pain both women and men of all age groups the most common type of pain in Germany, so the Federal Government health survey. Overall about 80% of Germans suffer from at times discomfort in the back area (ACC. focus, 12/2009). Back pain easily lead into a vicious circle: the pain prevents movement. This however weakens the back muscles which can lead eventually to more pain.

At first glance, it is surprising that even therapists and massage therapists often about back pain complain. However, this is not surprising when the hard working hours with more than 10 treatments a day, because the stresses are too one-sided in the long run. The magic word is activity against back pain what helps now to tackle back pain prevention? The magic word is activity. Especially sports such as swimming, rowing, or specific back exercises Sports help to train the back muscles. Swimming in particular is considered soft and gentle articulated total body workout. The training should take place at least two times better every day (but with a different focus). Train with the backs coach at home the way in the swimming pool or to the sports meeting may not be realized in practice.

Exercises that can be made too quickly in between, such as sit-ups or stretch exercises are better suited. In a so-called back coach (a curved back pad) can be used support. The training is thus easier just beginners. It is important for the motivation that it leads just book about the nature of running exercises and repetitions. So progress can be well observed what is an additional pleasure. Note: A doctor for acute pain should be consulted to be sure first. TrendShed provides high-quality massage products for traders on and private persons. As a reliable partner, the company cooperates equally with hotels, wellness Studio and therapists.