SB Philip Is Moebelhaus.DE

“First German furniture store supports domain names a surprise opened Thomas Schulenburg, owner of SB-PHILIP Thomas Schulenburg GmbH & co. KG, last Monday the press conference on the Hamburg-based residential street in Halstenbek: in the future should the company under the name moebelhaus.DE” run which it would be the first furniture store in Germany, which bears the name of its top domain. Moebelhaus.DE a furniture store to touch this decision is certainly a big risk, especially as SB Philip is a fixed size in the furniture industry for more than ten years. However want Thomas Schulenburg and his sons Philip (responsible for the online trading) and Mathias a brand create (responsible for the specialist ranges), which establish themselves beyond the borders of Hamburg also allows. This endeavor would be much more difficult with SB Philip.

With the change of name to moebelhaus.DE, we are the first furniture retailer in Germany, carrying his top domain in the name and thus great Internet shop with a business to be touched”, explains Thoma Schulenburg. And so the new corporate design quickly builds up in the heads, 25 articulated buses with the January 2011 in Hamburg furniture House.Drive DE-logo. To create top-domain with great furniture selection at fair prices to however not too much confusion, both names will be in the next three years both SB Philip communicates as well moebelhaus.DE in public. The existing furniture-online shops and active addresses on the colorful online Boulevard, however remain with different orientations. Most important shopping area in the Internet is now however moebelhaus.DE’s online shop. Here living travelers and setting up fans find a large selection of furniture and home furnishings at fair price – performance ratios. Customer-oriented service and fast deliveries are the level of successful service at moebelhaus.DE anyway. Who is shopping in the Internet safely and comfortably is the family of Schulenburg and moebelhaus.DE in good hands. This is confirmed by about 6,500 consumers who rated your purchases at about eBay to 99.9% positive. Now, the future will show how to beat moebelhaus.