Small Rooms

In this article we go to give to it to some tricks and tips to learn as to decorate a small room let us can help so that it in the task to decorate its small room. We have the full conscience of that nor always it is easy task to fit everything what is wanted inside (you move, decorative adereos) of a small habitation and that for times also is not obtained to have the real notion of what can or to be well. because we know that this nor always is easy, we decide to give to it to some tips decoration room small some basic tricks of decoration for very small rooms, are couple rooms, rooms of drinks or bachelor rooms, that could be decorated through simple techniques and of small tricks that result muitssimo in spaces very reduced well. Let us enumerate then some very useful tips in the decoration of small rooms. – It abdicates of too much furniture. It tries to become attached itself solely to the essential parts. – It prevents to use colors that are too much dark therefore they only will go to make that still more the room seems small. This is applied in such a way to the colors of the walls as to the colors of the furniture.

– One is with ideas to hang pictures in the walls of the room, opts to pictures or screens in format to rectangular, that they never must be hung in horizontal position and in the vertical position. – It prevents to hang oil lamps that too much are weighed since they can compromise the small dimension of the room. – The mirrors are allowed in small rooms, since that they are placed in the certain spaces. They can be a good play of decoration for who intend to optimizar, making to seem bigger a small space. Another tip to decorate the too much small rooms that function very well in the decoration of small rooms is the solution to paint the walls of the room with scratches of different tonalities or colors; this solution is allowed, since that wall lamp the scratches to it painting them in the horizontal line and never in the vertical line. The horizontal lists, are excellent plays of decoration a time that give to the small environment, the optic illusion to make to seem bigger. They are also indicated to be used in tecto high, a time that can helps to lower them it visually. Already the vertical scratches, function better in bigger and ampler spaces. If for happiness doubts to appear it, and in case that it has possibilities to contract the aid of an one or professional in the decoration of interiors, make it without hesitating. It will be always a welcome and beneficial aid, being same one more value, since to stop small spaces great ideas are demanded.