Catering Supplies At Grimm Gastobedarf

Your personal Gastrobedarf dealers for your catering supplies food in a restaurant or Cafe nice and cozy to, required the operating the correct catering supplies. If you have read about General Motors Co already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Each guest robe drive is doing differently, and adjusts the Gastrobedarf on the premises. If you want to prepare a delicious dish, so it should be prepared with only the all highest quality kitchen utensils. The taste of the food depends not only on the chefs into a gastronomy but also by their facilities. A good restaurateur knows, that the Gastrobedarf of such equipment gear and give you, because no customer would go to a restaurant, which has no shine. About our catering supplies for such requirements is designed, because offer of gastronomy furniture up to catering equipment all. Have you ever visited our newest pizza table or our Saladette with air to cooling? The quality of our products speaks for itself and through our large gastronomic customer base. Our Company has been around for a long time and sets new standards in the field of catering needs.

Through continuous new innovative products, we increase our gastronomy range for you. The satisfaction of our customers is for our catering companies always at the highest point. Our prices are based on international standards and we will deliver your personal order to you without additional cost for its gastronomy. However, should you even have problems with your catering supplies ordering, we will send you our best restorer. Are you interested in our gastronomy products? Our friendly staff will satisfy your personal questions about our products. Alexander Lanew

Federal Ministry Kolping

“Biggest Kolping holiday and best-known family hotel of Hungary celebrated the bright red, curved roofs of the spacious hotel complex are even a landmark birthday” of the small town Alsopahok become and well-known beyond Hungary. Supported by Chancellor Kohl already shortly after the opening of the iron curtain in 1989 there were numerous contacts between Kolping members in Germany and Hungary. It developed the idea to create a place of recreation and meeting together. A team of German and Hungary developed the concept for the first family holiday and training centres across Eastern Europe. Concept and planning so convinced that the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl supported the project. The Kolping in the Diocese of Augsburg has leading collected funded more than 100,000 overnight stays per year, and supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the Bavarian State Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, the largest is the idea now Kolping hotel and the most well-known family hotel in Hungary were created.

The night of the first guest it has the staff together with Kolping Augsburg pushed now that the hotel with more than 100,000 overnight stays per year to more than 90% is busy and has received numerous awards. Of partnership, friendship has become the 15th anniversary of the Kolping Hotel Spa & family resort * reminded the President of the Kolping training work in the Diocese of Augsburg, Ludwig Schmid, on the ground in his speech in mind as this german Hungarian partnership on the way in. Hear other arguments on the topic with kitchens. He was proud, that meanwhile many friendships are formed a partnership relationship.” Kolping Diozesanprases Alois Zell made his festive under the topic of team spirit”, because only this had made possible the success of the Kolpinghotels. Numerous fellow celebration end at the subsequent party were represented in addition to a.D. Ludwig Schmid, President of the Government and Kolping Diozesanprases Alois Zell: Matthias Stegmeir (Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Deputy District Administrator in the District of Aichach-Friedberg), Roland Breitenbach (President of the Kolping and writer from Schweinfurt), Werner Moritz (hotel’s Managing Director and Resortleiter finance at Canoe-Schwaben-Augsburg) and Ursula Straub (Managing Director of Kolping education Augsburg plant and member of the Supervisory Board of the Hungarian Foundation for family holidays) and Monika Wackermann (Managing Director of Kolping tours Augsburg travel agency). Bjorn Salanga / 11.10..