Holistic Education

If those in education such as teachers, often end up in little battles with our students, then we should find ways to change this. However, if we can teach from our souls and spirits, then we begin to see us ourselves in the students and they in us. Teaching then becomes a different measure where the teaching and exploration can occur in an atmosphere of freedom, love and respect. In my work as psychology, has also been very influential studies of expertise in holistic education, now to work with my clients trying to connect with the spirit of the patient, at the time of work I try to feel true love and gratitude, and I realize that in this way, the healing of the patient is more rapid and effective, Furthermore I invite you to do meditation, and guided to gradually find themselves. In the community where I live, I’m doing various activities that have allowed me to communicate and interact more with people, but mainly to growth, cultural and spiritual, on Wednesday with a group that we have titled “Spiritual Growth”, we form a civil partnership, where we are dedicated to help people most needy (pantries, money for medicine, etc.. And I’m working with a flute course, with people of different ages, from preschoolers to adults.

The types of meditation that have applied more in my life is Vipassana meditation and the other is mindfulness, both with great satisfaction in the results. Well that gives me very clear that meditation is to be aware of every sensation, admit it, smile, embrace it deeply and watch it with your heart. So we will discover the true nature our feelings and we will not fear them. We know that we are more than our feelings, and are able to embrace them and take good care of them. Understanding is to start feeling transform. We practice conscious breathing by focusing on the raising and lowering the abdomen, we observe our sensations and emotions deeply and identify foods that have given them life.

We know that if we are able to offer some healthier foods, we can transform our feelings and emotions. Our feelings are formations, impermanent and insubstantial. Learn not to identify with them, not to award them a self, not to die for their cause. This practice has helped me cultivate fearlessness and I was freed from the habit of clinging. Then clear the body and mind need rest, sleep is healthy, but sleep all the time can be insane. When our thoughts helps us to see clearly, are beneficial, but if the mind is scattered in all directions, that kind of thoughts are harmful. Our consciousness is full of beautiful things like faith, humility, dignity, lack of desire, anger, ignorance, diligence, tranquility, interest, fairness and non- violence. Therefore I conclude that “One way to develop my skills is through contemplative meditation” Holistic Education.