Peter Helfrich

The landsknechts, often called a town guard be active even on the stage and in the streets. “” “Celebrations with culture: keep together to secure future” 2011 Kramer market provides a special stage: under the motto, all children need education “begins the nationwide at the weekend intercultural week keep together to secure future”. From 14:30, Kramer market, there to see international culture and listen. The extensive program starts with a Thai children’s dance group, accompanied by the young musicians Kitsana and ends at 17: 00 with a flamenco, Gypsy dance with al Mala ika. In between, there is a four-language fairy tale, Indian and Arabic pop, the Noah’s Ark children’s dance group as well as the performance integration in motion. With Al Farah and the rapper DJ Rahim 64, which today is called rhyme 64 are also Banat. The cultural associations present themselves together with the Karen people. There are Information and advice stalls as well as African art and sculptures.

Old and new customs – PC and costume PC Hunter holds medieval vestments in his tent, in which visitors like in another world can slip into and reflected on photos. At media Aetas visitors in the art of archery practice or historical outfit can buy themselves whereas Schultheiss and Oberkaufleut on the other hand strutting in borrowed costumes on the market from a stand and drive the market charges. The Christian bookstore of Onesimus brings back their old Gutenberg printing exhibition and prints fonts by hand as yesteryear. During market hours, the Central Hessian group proliferation plays music from the period between the 12th and 16th centuries. Knight’s tent and facepainting is fantastic for kids and adults to the seeing, hearing, smell, taste and feel much children. In addition to the popular Petting Zoo they can trot, the Association for therapeutic riding, pony riding and most Maltisch in the world of Colors deepen. It can be with fantastic faces from the body – and face artist Britta Hoffmann of the Tromm even better in the world of fairytales immerse themselves, which are told in the medieval knight’s tent.

Before her forge tent, Franz Josef Burner and the blacksmith Peter Helfrich shod Meanwhile old school horses. Leather goods can be purchased at the level of equestrian Helfrich. Unmistakably, Bernhard of the jester corners can be admire. “Culinary delights for the whole people bakes how Hans Franz Wagner eh, and each on its own brick clay stone oven special traditional recipe Ourewaller Quetschekuchelche”. In the historic courtyard, the Wiegand’s there Odenwald and Thai at the cultural associations, Turkish or Chilean specialities. The health shops provides biologically valuable food and the jam witch cooks also newfangled jams into her cauldron. Even dogs are pampered with the 4Pfotenkeksen. Tradition Gockel takes last ceremonial Act to the the proud Cock of Gaggamehl by the Langklingerhof pulls solemn end of the profits from the raffle on Sunday at 17:30. With the raffle, the trade association funded the two-day spectacle. The Grand Prize was a balloon ride of the Morlenbacher carriers Atanua last year. The guests may be stretched on this year’s top prize. On Sunday the order of the 21st century from 19: 00 back into force. The trade association is looking forward to many visitors and hired for 2011 many jugglers and Spielleut. Market hours: Historical Kramer market Morlenbach, village and Town Hall square Saturday, September 24, 2011, 14 to 19: 00 and Sunday, September 25, 2011, 11 am to 7 pm Organizer: Business Association Morlenbach e. V. E-Mail Internet.