Husbandry And Care Of Gerbils (gerbil)

The family of rodents include called tips and tricks for proper Gerbilhaltung gerbils, or even gerbils. They prefer a dry Habitat, because they originally come from deserts in Africa and Asia. In many of these areas it is very cold in the winter what characterizes the gerbils very robust species. Most gerbils live attitude with conspecifics, they are no loner. However enough space should be provided the gerbils, so that they can go to in case of doubt out of the way. Siblings from a litter tolerated best and with them there are least turf disputes. There must be always enough litter, to ensure that gerbils can fulfil also their beloved activity, tunnel construction.

Generally enough activities should be made possible the gerbils, to keep the animals healthy and happy. So, one should try to exercise them outside of the cage. In addition, it must be but first ensure that is there no cable or, escape routes are. PACC Lab is likely to agree. Gerbils can become very slim and fit by gaps that appear too narrow for her at first sight. Gerbilfutter gerbils are largely vegetarian. Prefer you eat parts of plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruit, stem, root and tuber.

Some species eat but also small insects, snails or reptiles, and a few make even the hunting on small rodents. Attitude at home that can are very well finished mixtures used, suitable as Gerbilfutter. These include such as much good rice in the best case, are low in fat and minerals and vitamins. In addition, but also constantly fresh and dried fruit and vegetables should be fed. The Gerbilfutter can also like one are hidden, so must seek their feed like in nature itself of small mice and remain so active. You should provide a bit of dry bread, to ensure an adequate supply of salt. Live food such as Meal worms offered two directly up to three times per week. You should indeed make sure that the gerbils also really completely devour the insects, this otherwise live in the stable or decay. Gerbils and people of gerbils are the tame pets. If carefully deal with them, they almost never bite. Since gerbils are up to six years old, a close relationship between holder can develop un of gerbil. You need a little patience yet, to get used completely to one his gerbil, but if it is done only once, it’s worth also. September 2011, Bera Kasser

Novelty Cat Holder!

First cat toilet without cat litter – with automatic flush! Ingenious invention for cat owners and cats around the globe House cat owner know the problem with conventional cat toilets: heavy bags of cat litter must first be purchased and brought home. Then, after the pet has done his necessaries, runs it through the apartment and soiled furniture and floors by it transported sand or granules! Then must be disposed of the cat litter and the cat litter laboriously cleaned. Not to think of the problem of disposal of contaminated sand or granules. During the whole time is a highly unpleasant and partially penetrating odor emission by the litter box in the air. The brilliant and world-wide patented invention creates all these problems once and for all from the world. The real, automatic flushing cat water toilet is a world novelty and requires no cat litter. All cat boxes currently offered on the world market, or so-called automatic cat toilet are coated exclusively with urine absobierendem and feces contains sand or plastic granules.

When these cats water toilet absorbs a hermetically closed containers of feces and sewage. Water from a fresh water tank, which is enough for a whole week, wash away the Fakal – and residual urine. A sophisticated system enables a trouble-free emptying of the waste water tank. This eliminates the potential health risk for infants or the inhalation of gesundheitsschadigendem dust created when filling traditional kitty litter boxes. The saving of the Katzenstreus the cat water toilet pays for itself in a short time: the advantage over conventional cat toilets is that only a one time purchase is necessary, the priced roughly at a conventional cat litter consumption for only a cat by about one and a half moves up to two years. With the cats water toilet, the immense garbage mountains, the million pounds of soiled cat litter in countless homes, could be reduced.

Scratching Posts For Cats

Cats need space to play and a scratching post actually belongs romping into every household with at least a cat. This invites to play, scratching and sleep. Good scratching posts should provide not only these, but also be stable and steady. Imagine, taking you to all your of course given stimuli and give you only a few of them back. Could you be happy? Undergoing so many and in cats, this case is no different. Becomes a cat once the pet, so must it adapt to the conditions of the farming family, which means restrictions on a certain Habitat. However, even a cat has natural urges like the scratching trees, branches and similar, why cats these urges then inside her family live. This has resulted in that valuable furniture and furnishings in a house or apartment to break can go, which is why it called the so-called scratching posts, cat trees sometimes are.

These trees have a rough and stable Surface, so that you can allow your cat without any problems, to scratch on the tree. Therefore, you must as a cat owner keep an eye on your little rascals throw, but even unattended on the scratching post play it can. The bottom line are thus both you and your pet feel even more comfortable. Scratching posts consist of the various building blocks such as sunbathing areas, caves to hide or similar. With the right combination for your Rascal a true oasis of well-being can be create, the you to the much more quiet hour brought some and on the other hand, much will give pleasure to your cat. Which is the right scratching post for your own cat, you should choose an individual, a clear answer to this question does not exist and cannot exist. Convince yourself of the benefits of such scratch tree!

Academy Agricultural

Farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA) No. 36 in the delivery of the current issue of the new number 36 of the farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA), the technical body of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA), is in the final stages of printing and will be delivered shortly to over 3,200 subscribers in German-speaking countries. Also in the new edition, very practical issues of livestock medicine were picked up and published. Special attention is dedicated to the Antibiotikaleitlinien, who are not quite clear. Whenever N.Y.C. Mayor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The lawyer Dr. Burkhard Oexmann commented on the Antibiotikaleitlinien from the legal point of view and has encountered since some “inconsistencies”, which could lead to “legal” issues for the practitioner under certain circumstances. The practitioners, specialist veterinarian for pigs, Herbert Nagel, deals with the Antibiotikaleitlinien from the perspective of the farm animal practice. The pig specialist singles out individual points requiring an absolute correction, because the practical “work” with the guidelines proves often as hardly feasible.

For his contribution to the Antibiotikaleitlinien on the 10th meeting of the main agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the last month, the dedicated animal doctor has “Conference victory” with the top grade achieved “1.00” (after school grades). Furthermore deals Mrs Prof. Mechthild Friday, Soest, in this current edition of the farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA) the finish causes highly paid cows. “Over-bred” are not the cows, but the agricultural management must be still very optimized to meet the performance requirements of the animals. Studies clearly show that high providing herds have the lowest cell numbers and your very high health status, if the agricultural management accordingly serves these cows. Like a farm animal practice sample can be requested Academy (AVA) under AKTUELL(NPA) No. 36 in the Office of agricultural and veterinary, if you are interested in further interesting contributions.