Colombian Literature

These are some tips for entering the fabulous world of literature in Colombia. After Garcia Marquez and Mutiz emerged a neoacademica fantastic writers in where it must first be: kidnapped Ex: having been kidnapped by the FARC forces armed revolutionary of Colombia (this item applies also for spouses of former abductees) see example; well look for them. Exparamilitar: Have been paramilitary in Colombia. Note: To apply this Tips it is necessary that the paramilitary hire a biographer. Former drug trafficker: this is one of the Tips that produces more success in Colombia.

Because the subject matter becomes screenplay in soap operas and television series. Similarly we cannot deny that there is a Charter of first category, worthy of export. men s and women of great talent and these are the writers of truth. But to do so if someone sucks such nobility first must be: intellectual Narciso: educated at extreme, grammar writing absolute, perfect syntax, obsessive atildadura (the dictatorship of the tilde). Read Ulysses forty-eight times, to have that talk.

You must be psychologically paranoid delusional, self-worshiping sociopath, the God of the verb, the latest reincarnation of Miguel de Cervantes or adoptive son seudoputativo, inapeable nirvana’s last Om vibration, the stubborn nemesis of spelling. Be zero 0 muscles you more intellectual time. Be supremely intelligent, coefficient 3000. Also trained in: construction of credible universes, characters, dramatic tension building. And should be set on the only thing that shows that they are very intellectual: be columnist for magazines top 10 in sample of gluteal (buttock magazines) and write stupid most of the universe. Gods of nothing: be all of the above (intellectual Narciso) but unlike write stupid things (like this, for example) in your thinking only psicorrigido navigates the aphorism: everything is nothing, everything is to write anything, everyone else write anything, writers are nothing. This is perhaps the Tips more difficult to qualify. Here Cage aux folles must belong to a secret society of avatars perhaps.

Process Of Change

When you are in a process of change is common the fact that we want to share our concerns with some people, but we must be careful and know with who we share our dreams, initially our idea is only in our conscious minds, we are then exposed that faced with adversity is possible to abandon the idea. If we share our information with people who have not developed similar ideas then they can start to transmit us discouragement and this lowers our level of internal energy, in some cases brings dire consequences because people do not support the rain of criticism that are objective. To avoid falling into a sea of criticism that may sink it, then you should learn to observe the ideas of changes in other people, if someone is convinced that option a is the best and you are betting on the b then must not come in opinions with that person, why? Because those discussions mainly affect when you are in the process of change. When has a person achieved consolidating an idea then already owns the inner conviction and has sufficient authority to present their ideas, this gives us an important guideline, and is that we should always seek support in people who help us achieve our goals. At the prospect of losing power because they contradict us an idea, then what we can do? Well, you have to seek help in people that understand their objectives and that drive to climb the Hill instead of putting an additional weight to the load that is rising. When you focus on an idea gives a signal and the universe will respond to that frequency, here is where you must be attentive to the unconscious vibrations, when a person is interested in something then you will perceive it, a common phrase tells us that he who seeks finds.