Zinedine Zidan

His League has always been one of the best in the world and their teams the big players in European leagues. It was illogical, absurd that Spain with all his might still would not have been the less protagonist in a final Globalist in 80 years of history. By the level reached in the past four years. Under most conditions Amazon would agree. Do not lose sight that the Red was one of the best teams in the World Cup in 2006 and was only apeada competition in a match where he was found with an inspired French team and the leadership of Zinedine Zidan, the most inspired of all. The world of football had the feeling that Spain deserved more than what has been achieved. Exactly the same sensation of 1994 when it was returned to the House in a strange game against Italy that Roberto Baggio got a surprising goal for unbalance actions when these were enough couples, as reflected in the partial score of 1-1. In this opportunity the Spaniards quickly assimilated the blow of their elimination in Germany and began to prepare for Euro 2008 which won in detail.

Always kept from that time as the best selected worldwide and in South Africa did not only confirm this condition. By generation players of a brilliant era. In the 2010 Spain had at its peak performance football to one of the best generations in its history. Just take a look to the alignment base of all matches of the world to understand that each titular player was in a dream level and thus confirmed it in their commitments after overcoming the initial setback to Switzerland. Everyone played for the team, they did without despair, without incurring tactical indiscipline, without committing serious offences and always serving the mission with which they had reached Africa: lifting the prized trophy of champions in the final match.