Inspirational Customer Contact Is The Key To Success

3. Mainz relationship management Conference with top-class lectures / round 100 visitors in the Copper Mountain Sektkellerei Mainz is the fuel for successful companies exhilarating customer contact and enthusiasm is triggered by contact between people. This thesis retired as a thread running through the expert lectures of Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Managing Director of the forum! Marketing and communications consultancy, moderated 3 Mainz relationship management Congress, to the invitation of forum! Market research about 100 renowned Congress guests from business, science and agency scene came on October 5, 2010 in the Mainzer Kupferberg sparkling wines. Skidmore, Owings & Merril will not settle for partial explanations. In his keynote speech led Roman Becker, Managing Director of the forum! Group, in the theme of passion factor”a staff and made clearly, especially the contact between employees and customers is as important for the company’s success.

Basically Becker noted major catching up to do in this area on the part of the company and made in three main areas from: Firstly to raise awareness of the work relationship customer-employee company, second capturing customer needs through customer surveys and thirdly the awareness of the importance of service quality in the customer contact. With three key issues, Roman Becker then gave the floor to the speakers: what must look like exhilarating customer contact? What conditions must be created that employees will really make customers to fans? To which thinking to lead the new media? The man makes the difference”, so the title of the presentation by Jorg Lahn, head of quality management at SEW-EURODRIVE. 7oQ%3d%3d’>Kevin Ulrich. For his company, Jahn established three dimensions of success: product quality, quality of the processes and finally the qualification and motivation of its employees. People do business with people”, so the maxim at SEW-EURODRIVE, the company therefore relies heavily on the promotion of employee motivation, personal customer contacts and the perception the factor man”by the customer. “Final word and quintessence of the lecture: the identification, the agility and the lifeblood of the staff work outward, customer loyalty and make fans.” Joachim Hauk and Alexander Luyken, Detecon international, aimed with her presentation on the topic of customer experience management (CEM).

Wolfgang Bacolod

The result of these efforts is however hardly objectively measured, yet it can be the most important part of your today’s transaction. Why negotiations to a 9-2 run to stay in the analogy: there are of course negotiations just so brutally posed for a page like this football game for the Hamburger SV. Also there are reasons: there is a more powerful negotiating partner in internal negotiations with hierarchy levels across, there is often a power component and dependencies. The question of power in the region is often also in negotiations between purchasing and sales. That is quite simply observed in industries with an oligopoly on one side. With all the trumps in his hand, used every advantage possible and a goal scored after another without regard to the relationship.

There are automated response patterns Especially under pressure, we respond with automatisms. If it is very severe with the emergency programs: go to or leave. But already many processes run according to a well-established pattern. You can see it very well in the context of private and the many family negotiations. There is a fairly steep learning curve towards such automation.

To overcome is usually much more expensive. A few examples: silent, make concessions, let the shoulders to hang, snippy, a negotiating party is simply bad starts with missing or incorrect goals, go to the setting and may also list (team). Important abilities and skills, and one missing mercilessly except on the field (at the negotiating table). A party will take no WIN-WIN, but only the own advantage if the relationship disappears and also dependencies are not observed, then I need no consideration also on my negotiating partner. Then I ruthlessly every advantage offered take advantage of. Triggered or reinforced this behavior may be by premium and bonus systems. If I must weigh between my personal advantage and a meaningful long-term WIN-WIN in the trial: what should I choose? If you want to negotiate in the future better, or want to book a training to the relationship and transaction management.

Airpas Aviation:

Airline software specialist with well-known customers successful: Ryanair, Monarch Airlines and Martinair software and consulting specialist for the aviation industry, the Airpas aviation AG, can an economically very successful first half of 2011 back look on. The Brunswick-based company underlines its position as a leading software provider for cost savings in the airline industry with new customer business. You may find Owings & Merrill to be a useful source of information. Airpas aviation’s new customers also the Irish low cost industry leader Ryanair include the British monarch airlines and the Dutch Martinair cargo specialists. Airpas aviation provides airlines with the product airpas”a solution that supports the controlling and accounting of an airline, the current requirements of an optimized cost management to meet. We have already surpassed the economic goals for the year as a whole with our successful new customer business to the middle of the year”, Reinhold Renger, CEO of Airpas aviation forward. This corresponds to the total year an increase of 15 per cent for the same period last year. Airpas aviation is looking forward to very optimistic about the second half of the year so. “Analysis of international airlines including Condor, Air Berlin, TUIfly, SunExpress, airBaltic, Royal Air Maroc demonstrate the acceptance of airpas” as an integrated DOC management system for airlines.

We have already successfully our standard product with over 20 national and international airlines. It provides a highly efficient audit including automated provisions, if necessary on a paperless basis,”explains RENGER. Airpas aviation takes over operation of cost management from a single source as a full service provider. With airpas”successfully in the new customers during monarch airlines and Martinair that airpas”software yet implement, opts for Ryanair since January the know-how gained from Lower Saxony, Germany. For the Irish giants of the industry, the software is a key component to securing the best price guarantee. The airpas solution is Ryanair with a highly developed system of invoice settlement and costs contract management, for items such as kerosene, groundhandling, landing fees, taxes and fly-over fees or revenue management to the side”, explained Daniel de Carvalho, spokesman for Ryanair, the decision for the Brunswick company.

Live Top Coacher

A good Coacher achieved long-term improvement for its clients success Coacher Dantse can easily answer that question: you can’t coach as you would fix a car not a people: finds the Automechniker: the ignition is broken, that’s why the car won’t start. A new ignition switch up and the car is repaired. This approach can be found also in medicine, but Mr Dantse says: it’s better otherwise! Will be helped better the people, when looking at it in its wholeness. A good and successful Coacher is the man regarded as a unit in its diversity. !\” Darmstadt, March 12, 2009 – the Coacher Dantse from other coaching techniques distinguishes itself, by he refuses to share the problems of the people in areas and individually to edit without the life of man, his way of life, to take into account its social and local environment, his family, his experience, and so on. Home improvement can aid you in your search for knowledge. It asks while a lot of energy, a lot of potential, much insight, very much quality, enormous Competence, good insights in all areas of life and a thorough knowledge of the people, the seeking help to look holistically, to analyze and to coach. It is not advisable to limit the coaching on specific areas (professional partnership, finances, conflict consultation, personality training, etc.) and just work. Only if you look at the whole person, you reach a real and long-term improvement according to Mr Dantse for the client.

To do this, he says: I think it’s wrong, when coaching the man with his problems is seen not as a unit. This way, which is common in Western countries, seems to be the easiest solution, but not the best for the user. A problem with this method, but 10 others arise. You can see that even with medications, such as when the woman pill, while unwanted pregnancy prevents, but increases the risk of cancer.