Glasses For Men Through The Ages

Today the appearance of many men so of course such as shoes or an umbrella is one of the first glasses of Beryls – to the word origin of the glasses. But the modern, just as useful as aesthetic vision was not always an everyday phenomenon. The first historical evidence of the existence of the glasses are from the middle ages. Around 1300 a.d. they used ground lenses of mountain crystals, called “Beryls”. This names the current designation of “Glasses” derives from the opinion of historians.

The first ur-glasses, which appeared in Europe, had still not ironing and were suitable only for far-sighted people through their lenses, which were all convex ground. Wanted to use glasses to read of lowercase text, you had to keep very much like a magnifying glass with the hands in front of your eyes -. Wearing glasses was considered genuine curiosity in the middle ages and was reserved for only very educated, mostly religious men: the way towards the everyday utensil It was still very far. Rapid development in the 18th century In the course of industrialisation of Europe in the 18th and 19th century experienced a real boom also the glasses. Not only that now remote – and Bifokalbrillen were invented, they developed the versions in addition to continue steadily. in 1727, an English optician presented the first glasses with ear brackets. But a long time, until the 20th century, alternatives like Monocles, pince-nez were as popular as the current version of ironing.

Glasses still considered the characteristic of an educated, dignified precedents – at the simple people, who could often not read and write, she was hard to find. Furthermore, wearing a pair of glasses or a similar blowup was a sign of prosperity – in earlier centuries only who was accordingly solvent, could afford the exclusive object at all. Diversity and extravagance in the 20th century In the 20th century was subject to numerous casting and changes the glasses as well as the rest of the world. Exactly how policy, through wars and crises, and social The world changed changes, so also the fashion changed in some rapid changes. The glasses this is no exception: still round and oval frames made of metal were very fashionable in the 1920s the form changed in the 40s and 50s to the typical thick frames made of dark Horn. In the 70s, Mr glasses were with lightly tinted glasses especially popular much to recognize contemporary photos of idols such as John Lennon and Elvis Presley. The selection of glasses, frames, colors and forms – was becoming more diverse and the glasses became increasingly confident statement, an aesthetic accessory of self-confident men. Prominent men such as Groucho Marx, Karl Lagerfeld and the Dalai Lama are her glasses and show thus: my glasses is a part of myself, and a particularly handsome part! This text was be provided by, a specialist for the glasses from Berlin.


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The Ancient Secret Of Beauty

About the beauty and natural femininity if anyone talks in the modern age over beauty, he thinks in General slim, pretty women with a good body figure. However he is thus to limit itself only to the superficial aspects of female beauty and tenderness. At the same time he loses sight, that is the true beauty of a beautiful soul. Today we consider the earlier image of women submissive and autoritatsglaubig and see it in the opposition to the idea of the strong and liberal woman of modernity. Yellow Gold, rose gold, white gold? Matt or shiny silver? Jewelry acts very harmoniously in yellow or pink gold to warm colors and a peach-colored, bright, often freckled complexion. Silver and white gold is advisable to so-called cold colours and a cool, often very white skin undertone. Buy fashion jewelry or real jewelry? What is the most beautiful diamond ring if he fits in size, not to your hand, However, the rock made of glass is extremely attractive sparkles on your finger? Jewelry is a matter of style and of the Geschmacks.Es are no etiquette”, what jewelry woman wears when and why.

Some tips to facilitate the choice of the appropriate piece of jewelry. Pilgrim jewelry – a touch of elegance, the gentle swirl of flowers, calm of one warm summer evening… Discover the rich, magical-looking, silky shiny black Onyx color! Amber Jewelry – music of the soul, tears of the Sun, modern antique and popular piece of jewelry for everyone. Dragon skin jewelry – to give your life more freedom and unconventionality. Garnet jewelry more elegant and more color to your life! Zirconia jewelry natural beauty for any occasion! Achieve the attractive exterior with the Topaz jewelry! The mysterious-looking exterior with smoky Quartz. Discover the seductive charm of the Amethyst. Stylish & elegant Topaz jewelry for every occasion and every taste! Silver jewellery with precious stones for any occasion! Garnet jewelry more elegant and more color to your life! Online buy!