Parents Are Not Sick

For emergency, there is professional help Hamburg, September 5, 2011 – the mother emergency family and senior e.V. (NMD) takes over the household services. As soon as the parents parent fails, E.g. due to a hospital stay, and the domestic supply of children is no longer guaranteed, the NMD may be appointed. The expense – application and permit provided – the health insurance. Since 2005 the NMD in Hamburg and the surrounding area provides serious and professional care and domestic supply of children and families in the domestic environment.

Short response times, as well as a competent planning especially distinguished the NMD, i.e. If a family receives a caring caregiver within a very short time, stands over a longer period provided no incriminating personnel changes, but only a relieving caregiver on-site. In addition, the team of the NMD supports the family with a sound organization of the use. These include, for example, arrangements of Support changes, timely reminder of application extensions, regular query of the customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the measure, etc. So will be around for a high standard of quality. The NMD provides extremely reliable and responsible caregivers who speak fluent german and are qualified, well maintained and educated. “Managing Director Christina Meyer Soltys added: we understand the special requirements of a family in need, and so I promise, that we find the right carer for you.” Contact: mother emergency family and senior e.V. Mrs Zimmermann and Mrs Harmsen Schlossstrasse 94 22041 Hamburg Tel 040 / 36 11 19-0 press contact: positive relations Virginie Siems Tel. 88 17 06 55 E-Mail

The GPM Management

PM Forum 2011 from 25-26 October in Nuremberg, Germany: more than 700 applications! Nuremberg, October 11, 2011 over 700 project manager have already to the 28 international German project management forum of the GPM of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement in Nuremberg signed up. Under the motto project highlights. Radiant success through competence” are around all aspects of project management high on the agenda of the participants experience sharing, knowledge transfer, benchmarking and networking. Competence in project management contributes to the successful economic development of enterprises, is the focus of this year’s Congress. Project Manager, present their best practices from DAX listed companies as well as medium-sized.

Over 45 sponsors and exhibitors give the largest market overview of the PM industry. In the PM, Campana & SCHOTT and Microsoft, Siemens AG and TIBA main sponsors are Forum 2011. Sponsors are IBM, next level consulting Germany, Planview as well as Projectplace.

“In addition to program and exhibition also an interesting social programme is available: Peter Grossmann, known from the ARD Morgenmagazin, the evening is up-to-the-stars” moderate on October 25. This evening, the GPM gives two renowned project management awards: the German project Excellence Award, the BRITA and Frankfurt airport and DFS project teams compete, and the German studies award of project management, the award for outstanding theses on project management topics will. The day the day before of the PM Forum held PMO is already sold out with 200 participants! Gabriele Danzebrink, competent GPM Board for the PM Forum: we greatly appreciate the many applications to the PM Forum 2011. There is a high demand for sharing and training on project management as more and more activities in the form of projects are conducted. We are very happy, that we hit the nerve of the project leader Forum with the PM.” Complete program including registration: GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 5,800 members and 280 corporate members from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote, to develop, to systematize, standardize the application of project management in Germany and continue to spread.

Magolino Presents:

Winnetou – the Chief of the Apaches… Who does not remember the adventures of Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and many other heroes and villains. Not even once again would you like a little browsing in these great books? Well, then we have something for you. The Magolino GmbH offers you 3 selected works of the Winnetou-saga (Winnetou I-III) the writer Karl May to free download. Travis Scott understood the implications. The following works have been selected by the Magolino editorial staff: Karl May: Winnetou I Karl May: Winnetou II Karl May: Winnetou III here can spend directly download: magolino products/download/karlmay may here with us help themselves.

Free and without obligation! Our products: The Magolino winning game magazine: the Magolino coupon Magazine: the Magolino literary magazine: the Magolino Software Magazine: Magolino winner King entry service: about the Magolino GmbH: the Magolino GmbH is an expert for digital consumer magazine in the segment of lifestyle and entertainment and published monthly expenditure of 3 magazines. In 2008, the Magolino has editorial expand your portfolio to further two magazines in the software and music downloads. Find this article on ..karl-may edition… More information under: Magolino GmbH, Richard-Wagner-str.. 2, 91054 Erlangen Tel: 01805-1234-130 fax:-131 (T-com, differing from 0.14 EUR / min, mobile)

Jackson Or Wulff? Yasni Shows The Candidates Behind The Posters To The Lower Saxony Election 2008

Germany’s first Personensuchmaschine lights through the Internet to the Lower Saxony election candidates 2008. See Saxony election all publicly available search results from the Internet are now the electoral lists of parties and to each candidates name. So the voters can take quickly an overview programs, interests and previous statements by the politicians. Yasni shows also results that cannot find other search engines. For example, who will participate in what company or who where accompanied what offices in clubs. And who in social networks such as MySpace or XING really close to the voters”is.

yasni helps both the politicians and the voters”, says Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. “Ruhl next: politicians with their own profile on yasni indicate on their goals, users can get an overview of all publicly available information clearly and quickly.” Almost at the same time is in a tag cloud”the interest of voters in the election Parties and candidates. About yasni: A is yasni to names and persons specialized search engine and Internet directory for people. yasni is publicly available information such as MySpace, XING, Amazon and Google in the Internet and shows them clearly on one side. Users can save search results that belong to them, in their own persons profile and protect so its good reputation on the Internet.

Yasni users can maintain their contacts with the sending of messages, as well as other functions. Steffen Ruhl, who previously worked in a managerial capacity at job pilot and Jobscout24 is founder of yasni. yasni self created no person profiles. yasni creates transparency, also in terms of data protection. Because many Internet users do not even know what about them on the net is. “so Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. Ruhl next: people are so that today are not transparent as they. Everyone is responsible for the information that it publishes, yasni helps in the maintenance of the own reputation.” For more information see and Contact: Steffen Ruhl Tel. + 49 171 8590953 email yasni GmbH, Lyoner str. 14, 60528 Frankfurt / Main, Germany of Managing Director: Steffen Ruhl register Court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt register number: HRB 81064 mail: info (at)

New: Individual Revolving Door Cabinets At Baur

700 Cabinet variants online selectable analog to the social trend of the individualization are increasingly popular individual furniture. For this reason, the Configurator of the Baur shipping allows now the composition of revolving door cabinets according to the personal taste of the customers. In total, 700 different combinations of revolving door cabinets can be put together. The prices of the units start at 229,99 Euro. See Configurator customers in five easy steps revolving door cabinets can according to their design and order conveniently online.

Only four to six weeks later delivered home free. The first step: the General Cabinet types here are cabinet widths from two to six doors to choose from. While the second the body color is to determine the third step includes the choice of the material of the Cabinet fronts: Here bronze or Crystal mirrors and glass fronts can be selected between UNI colours. Solid colors are desired, so the customer can these colors in the determine subsequent fourth step. In the fifth step, he can indicate whether he may supplement his cabinet with drawers. After this General cabinet selection, it is still possible to complement its interior by coat and pants holder, additional shelves or drawer inserts.

Furthermore, Halogen lighting can be selected here. Also the configuration of sliding door cabinets, upholstery and beds possible sliding door wardrobes can be individually configured for around a year on. Here the customer 360 Cabinet variations can choose from. Prices of furniture pieces start at 399 euros. The possibilities of configuration of upholstered furniture and beds are bigger: total 15,600 upholstery variations, as well as 24,000 upholstered bed combinations are possible. Prices for corners start at 499 euros, those for upholstered beds at 599 euros. While the manufacturing of furniture to measure is often expensive,. allows customized mass production the realization of individual wishes to moderate prices. Furniture expert Gerhard Vogel von Baur shipping explains: our configurator is linked directly with the software of our suppliers. So, he receives an order for the production of each piece of furniture directly to the customer’s order. Cooperation, which is so far unique in Germany!”

With Against Child Abuse

“Children have a right laugh – ads support against-abuse e.V. Zetel, 15.10.2010 launches fundraiser for the Club against – abuse e.V.” The Club jib and Isabel Brockhofer was founded in 2002 by Ingo, operates nationwide and campaigned against child abuse. It is offered not only a platform for victims of child sexual abuse, but also actively provided assistance with health insurance companies, attorneys, offices, etc.. The MoFuchs principle is simple. “For every new listing that is set on and at least 15 days stays online, against – abuse e.V.” a donation. Free private listing or listings of stationary furniture retailers, a distinction is made here only in the amount of donations. I’m thrilled by the idea of using an Internet search engine to save the rainforest, so why then not with the sale of furniture our children protect? “, so Thomas Kummer, father and founder of” The amount of the monthly donation is based on the quantity and type of advertisements. Each free private listing contributes 0.10 and each listing of stationary furniture retailers 0.25 euro.

Company: based on the principle of the online automobile exchanges would like to offer a central platform furniture retailers and private individuals, on the pieces of furniture can be placed online. This makes clear input masks available, so no programming skills are required. In addition to choose of the General properties and the ability of the individual item description, the listings with photos can be illustrated. To display the ads offers a comprehensive search function, where E.g. the district, the price or the product group, etc. exactly can be restricted, so that interested parties only to find what you are looking for really. Via the contact form is interested to put option with the provider in the connection, this receives an email with the contact data from of the interested parties, as well as the article-related data.

In contrast to other marketplaces and auction houses on the Internet the actual sale is not handled via, but remains entirely in the hand of the provider. In the form of databases, provides only the technical requirements for the transmission of information (ads) available. Be initiated agreements on the basis of an advertisement with turned on, so these are without a participation of completed and fulfilled. as a party or agent or representative of a party is involved between the vendors and prospective buyer or buyers. Hummer EV follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To advertise means a high cost burden. offers a fast, effective, and inexpensive addition to the classic advertising the furniture trade. Contrary to the advertisement, with a load of an average of 3.000 euro and a lead time from approx. 3 days to print, the article at 10 minutes online and this is without costs for the Design and a listing fee of only 2.50 to 4.50 euros per listing. The price per ads depends on the total amount of the ads, which are set in a month. Retroactively, will be invoiced for the selected ads in the following month.

Event Tickets For Frankfurt Win

Everything now on the online platform of Frankfurt am Main, September – people from the region is open to a new activities on the Internet. On ( they can win tickets for upcoming events via raffle – Stadium attendance of the concert and the club night – and always in pairs. Ritchie Smith Associates is often quoted as being for or against this. The offer stands under the motto “win tickets, city!”. It is aimed at leisure-interested people who want to go more. According to its own figures, in six German cities is giving away monthly over 30,000 tickets. In addition to photo opportunities, members will receive guaranteed instant to click on and take.

Managing Director Holger Lueck: “our members can only gain, the gain value is much higher than your membership fee. The first time they have often played up their usage – and enjoyed cultural.” The local organizer of very interested, so are the natural history museum to start among other events in the Centennial Hall, Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s Festhalle, Kinopolis or the SKYclub Frankfurt here. Use, as information and promotion medium, because the offer works like an online calendar of events. After choosing a desired heading stage as music, members automatically participate in all raffles. In all other sections, click on the event to participate in enough.

In addition to the luck of, you can click on profits for many events via instant win and immediately take. Via email and SMS, the winner will receive a notification and are automatically on the guest list. In the community, you can exchange tickets, converse about event visits with like-minded people, and find the matching evening accompaniment. The membership costs 7 euros a month. Members can invite their friends free as guest members. About is Germany’s Club for lovers of leisure and city discoverers. Founded in 2003 in Berlin, thousands of tickets from culture and leisure will be giving away today in seven German cities every month. Over 25,000 members have already joined, approximately 3,500 operators use the platform as a promotional opportunity. is aimed at interested leisure urbanites who want to go out anymore.

Training Academy High

The Swiss Testing Institute awarded the company’s StarAcademy the coveted seal of approval from and the consulting philosophy as well as the education and training programmes that explicitly acknowledges. Already in May 2011 the IHK Lubeck of AG, the German financial resources awarded a certificate and praised its special merits for the vocational training”. There are occasions to celebrate so sufficiently and the DFK annual kick-off event provides a worthy framework for this purpose on January 14. Set in the historic Congress Palais Kassel will Valeri Spady and around 300 invited staff management team and guests call the highlights of the year 2011 in memory, but above all the views in the future because the German financial resources AG has set itself for 2012 ambition. The focus is while continuing the commitment to highest standards of quality in education. In this sense the StarAcademy extends its teaching to a EU consultant Academy, which aims to provide budding financial experts particularly profound business knowledge.

In addition, StarAcademy Director is Andreas tall several new topics integrated in the seminar – and high, thereby ensuring the Training Academy High practical relevance in the future. Even seasoned DFK sales professionals will benefit from 2012 because the German financial resources AG calls the Business Club”in life. A survey in the new and exclusive institution is only the best of the best”be reserved as Valeri Spady already made clear. With their years of experience, but also the commitment to a rigorous ethics and code of conduct to the elite of German financial resources AG model be the young recruits and concretely in the practical training to assume responsibility. Refer to for more current information about the annual kick-off event 2012.

About the company German financial resources AG / DFK group the DFK group of companies is a dynamically growing financial services provider with a 10-year history of the company. Business purpose of the DFK group is the provision of financial services of all kinds, as well as the provision of Services related to the real estate investment. The well-developed sales and service network of DFK / German financial resources AG guarantees a continuation of stable and steady growth. Through the creation of individual wealth building strategy, the company enters very intensively on the personal needs of his clients. Here, the financial situation of the individual plays no significant role. The DFK Group serves over 30,000 families with over 80,000 contracts. Chairman of the Board of German financial resources AG is Valeri Spady. The German financial resources AG has its headquarters in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg. How to contact with DFK German financial Kontor AG Valeri Samwel Brookweg 48 24568 Kaltenkirchen phone: 04191 910000 fax: 04191 910002 E-Mail: Internet: