Psychologist Learnings

Professors badly-formed and indifferent to the failure exist pertaining to school, that had never heard to speak of formative evaluation or for objectives. If, moreover, they will have a numerous group and difficult pupils in a little propitious environment, will not be to frighten that its way to teach very does not favor the regulation of the learnings. In daily situation of work of – the more emphasis to the contents of what to the very specific learnings that this or that task supposedly favors. The regulation cannot be made seno by means of small touchs, at the moment where the pupil is to the returns with a concrete difficulty. The regulation is permanent in lesson, but if it abides first by the activities and the progression in the tasks and not by the underlying learnings.

What it is not the same thing. To assist a pupil to finish a task is not certainly, in itself, an obstacle to the learning. Everything depends on the nature of the given aid. The aid of the piagetiano psychologist in a clinical interview defines a certain type of intervention: the psychologist if limits to make questions, to try to understand because the child answers or acts in definitive way, to make suggestions, to remember previous behaviors. In other words, it he assists the subject to one to progress in its task, without substituting it, transmitting information to it that they could be used to organize its proper progression. The formative evaluation is considered to help the pupil it to learn and if to develop, participating of the gauging of the learnings and the development of an educative project. During much time the formative evaluation was associated with the image of a test of criteria, that if would apply a period of learning after, folloied of a sequence of remediadoras actions for the pupils who did not dominate all the demanded contents.

Siberia Salam

Here he began to prepare his first escape, which make him have failed … After Melburga Kalibatova in life there were many more camps. A group of Soviet prisoners of war threw from one to another, sent to forced labor, starved in punishment cells. In the camps, was somewhere in Czechoslovakia, Salam met his countrymen – sormakovtsev Hazhismela Gonchapsheva, Shamsadina Kodzokova, Naib Sokurov – and a native of the village Ozrek Ossetian Hazhmeta Galachieva. By the time the local forests have already begun to act guerrillas went liberation movement, and our heroes have a hope to escape from captivity. On that note, they decided … Escape prepared several months – garnered grain, salt, which is able to get masterovitomu Hazhmetu, figured out the routes of patrols, the regime security services.

Has almost everything was ready when Galachieva stores found and put in solitary confinement for three months. – Then many of us have survived only thanks to wit Salam – says one of his friends Kalibatova Hazhismel Gongapshev. – Any offense for the offender could end aprons cooler. Living there went out a few units. Salam has saved many lives, supporting us and morally and physically – products. He figured out how to produce potatoes. Through an outlet in the closet threw in a stuffed chock prodsklad at her nails, and then stretched on a rope "hedgehog" pinned on the nails with potatoes. Using the master keys, which made the Naib, Salaam made his way to the cooler to our comrades and bring them food.

There, in the camp, Salam gave us a second life … Like a visit to the plans of conspirators, they soon moved again to a new location content. It was preparing to escape a group of prisoners of war, but shortly before the scheduled time of the cook, who was devoted to the fugitives in his plan, gave his comrades. Instigators Escape the Germans hunted down by dogs. – All day we systems were on the parade ground, and the torn body Andreev Ivanov and lay before us – bitterly recalled Hazhismel Gongapshev. – The rest was not touched – slave force was necessary to Nazi Germany – and just threw on another An "object" … May 5, 1945, Soviet troops occupied the town and freed the prisoners Wallenberg. After filtration, Salam Kalibatova sent for duty in Hungary, where he was discharged in the summer of the 46th. * "Civic" Life Salam Talibovicha Kalibatova also was not unclouded. Worked on the farm, in the purchaser Leskenskom store, after a conflict with his superiors, was exiled to Siberia for "failure of 250 workdays" – then many villagers lost their health and sometimes life in this absurd article. But, wherever I threw his destiny, no matter how bitter it is not turned out to be a piece of stale bread, Salam has always been a – a good, wise, generous – helping those who needed his help. – That he was at war in a concentration camp, so stayed and in civilian life – a warm fellow countrymen speak of him. – He raised five deserving children and grandchildren. But most importantly, left behind Salam Kalibatov – is a good memory that did not measure any wealth …

Muebles Asdara

It will be able to have more amount of furniture or less, that is question as large as the room, but those three furniture is the fundamental ones. It tries, according to the budget with which it counts to make the decoration, to buy furniture of good quality. It is more, tries to buy the best ones according to his financial possibilities. The rest of the elements that complement the decoration does not have why to be of cost elevated: clothes of bed, curtains, etc. When it is going to acquire a bed, it will find that there are many models available. It is probable that his son feels attracted by the attractive designs of the beds bunks and the beds nests.

Considrelas a very good option to take advantage of the space its room and the possibility that his son will have to be able to invite a friend to share his room at some time. In the youthful dormitories it is necessary to give priority to the order, reason why it would be necessary to count on a closet that owns enough bookcases to separate the different things from its son. If the room is small it takes advantage of all the spaces available to the maximum. This means that it will not have to be limited the use of comfortable and existing, for example. You will be able to also use the free space under the bed of his son as well as the corners. He considers in this case the use of a bed that contains cajoneras or the purchase of organizers.

He will find them of metal, wood and other materials. The colors of the walls of the room can to decide them its son, since one is its space. You, like father, which must do is to advise it, noticing to him that the colors that too much are animated not will help it to rest suitably. If his son is one of the adolescents to whom they like the colors too many bivouacs, it raises to him like a good alternative, it uses that them, for example, in the curtains or the clothes of bed. It will already see that the task of decorating next to its son will be to them to both extremely pleasant and that together they will manage to make of the dormitory that so special place that always dreamed to have. The company Muebles Asdara is distributing manufacturer and of furniture. In his Web it can find furniture youthful to furnish youthful rooms.


This and candles, and plastic trinkets, and ceramic candle holders, pumpkin, which are reminiscent of the festival and just cheer up. No less demand figures of witches, vampires, bats, particularly if they are part of a useful object such as a ballpoint pen. And if we choose as a souvenir key chain folding handle, you can be sure that its new owner will never lose this inexpensive but very nice sign your attention. Wonderful gifts will be a variety of interactive toys are made based on the famous "horror stories". Fans of the series "The Addams Family" will appreciate the crawling hand – not so much a little thing terrible, how funny. It is necessary to enable it, and it moves around the table, floor or other horizontal plane. Original gifts for the Day of All Saints can please their owners, not only in the holiday: sometimes They are one of the interior. For example, a toy, "Green Friend", made in the form of Goblin's head, can serve as a nightlight.

The head is turned by a separate control, and fans of "nightmare" draws a every chance to impress your guests. In the same series and more elaborate gifts – dolls are equipped with motion sensors. There's even press anything not necessary: the witches, pirates, skeletons "independently" decide when manifest their supernatural essence and begin to wave his hands, muttering ominously to laugh or weird spell. At the same time his eyes lit on all models, from which it becomes a bit uncomfortable even seasoned fans of the spirit world and ghosts. Therefore, the demonstration of gifts for Halloween importantly – do not overdo it with the desire to scare your friends and family! And, of course, that day can not get by without any fancy dress that you can buy, rented or made from scrap materials. Several medical bandages, carefully wrapped around the body and fixed with tape, will make a good-natured man in a sinister mummy, and classic black dress in combination with a necklace of frogs or bats make of charming girls' classic witch. " Old beat-up suit, remained in the closet since his youth grandfather, is quite capable to serve you, if Speaking of costume for Halloween.

And anything short pants and sleeves indecently open wrist: an absurd kind of clothes "balance" a scary rubber mask, which can be put on already at the club or in the stairwell of the house where you are waiting in guests. By the way, all sorts of masks – simple and relevant answer to the question "what to give on Halloween." In addition, later this gift can be used successfully at home and "outreach" performances, performances, parties. Halloween is now in Russia is said only a minority of the population. But even those who are not in a hurry to go to a costume, "Satan's Ball", prefer to teach their relatives, friends and colleagues even small souvenirs – a sign of attention and a reminder of an unusual holiday, which allows to have fun and fool around, not only children but also adults.

Nike Air Collection Air

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