Summarizing, the happened energy of nuclear plants is today ' ' more limpa' ' (4) that those happened of others any sources, amongst them the termeltricas plants the aeolian gas and oil or .(5) In ours to understand, with the implantation of nuclear plants we will only be capable of at least balancing the system of electric energy in Brazil. Unhappyly, this taking of decision, through the retaken one of the Brazilian nuclear program, not yet left the paper. In the year passed, the government of former-president Lula and Minister of Mines and Energy, Edison Lobo, motivated for the relations on the subject with the Anger, had given beginning to the research of implantation of nuclear plants for such ends in the Bahia, Alagoas, So Paulo and Minas Gerais. Through a proposal raised technique, four States had appeared as the best places to install plant of this type. The study it fit to the Eletronuclear and the beginning of the workmanships, was entailed to the endorsement of the Presidency of the Republic.

Occurrence this or not, so far the encouraging consideraes remains ' ' letters mortas' '. As this saving project, each new constructed plant would have capacity to generate a thousand megawatts of energy. So that let us can have an idea of this value, for comparative ends: – the national portion of the Plant of Itaipu generates 12 approximately a thousand megawatts of energy, but the Brazilian deficit, as Bolivar I still catch is remained .(6) Is imposed, therefore, as immediate and inadivel necessity the dissemination of this monumental project for all the domestic territory. So that if it moves this mentality arraigada in the unconscious one of the Brazilian population has necessity of that this is informed, instructed and qualified in recognizing its rights and obligations concerning the benefits that the production of nuclear energy imposes. For first, it will have necessity, however, of if trusting the defense of the social rights through a proper, Brazilian, perfected and healthy right nuclear, of specialists in the sector who effectively defend the Brazilian population, with its characteristics, directly involved in the projects.

The Society

The planet that is our house that in them keeps livings creature! Since the primrdios of the first movements in our society, when it started if to propagate the disuse of the fsseis fuel burning and other pollutant power plants that have been? second technician of this area? the main cause uncontrols of it of the temperature, disequilibrium and deaths with the reaction of the nature in our planet land. We are prophylactic to all, also to start to prioritize the ecologically correct consumption of products, using as domestic utensil, furniture manufactured with biodegradveis products as: accumulation, MDF and others Also prioritizing in our feeding the products approved for the ambient legislation. In the question of the fuel, of necessary energy to the functioning of the cars, of the industrial machines if the use of clean energy makes necessary each time more. Already until we create the alcohol, the combustible oil extracted of mamona, recycle the oil of kitchen and others that with one politics of incentive of our public managers, we can be pioneering in the use of clean energy, giving example of sustainable development. (Similarly see: Philip Laffey). This ecological conscience would have more to be emphasized through the televising press, radios, periodicals, in the churches, if possible until stimulating with awardings to who better to make the duty of house in the segment diverse of our society. God presenteou in them with ones of the biggest water sources candy of the world, with sources, supplying our rivers, lagoons and a satiated biodiversity. After all these natural wealth, with pretty beaches skirting our geographic relives, and still we possess a climate tropical wonderful; it only remains in them to take care of with more affection of this treasure stops through the tourism showing to the world that we are good butlers, preserving and taking care of well of what he is ours! This reflection serves exactly from me, why? being participant? , in any segment or institution the one that I come to act I contribute much more of what a mere assistant. Aluizio Araujo.. Whenever Mary Barra listens, a sympathetic response will follow.