Since the Antiquity, the physical activities have had one high degree of importance, since they were on directly the physical and moral formation of its citizens. (Grifi, 1989) the schools of education of physics had as purpose the practical esportiva, but this not only aimed at also an introduction method to the local culture, the education of its practitioners, not only the physicist, but also the intellectual, the psychological one (Oliveira, 1983). Sport and Education are different areas, but when together they can generate a perfect combination (ries, 1981), since educates the way child that it can face the reality, the world as it is, giving it adaptation option to it, thus is born the programs of physical activity, come back toward children, with purpose to interact with the society (Betti, 1991), bringing values as the collective, union, the search for the pleasure in practising some type of activity, more good concentration capacity, the healthy competitiveness, learning through the movement, among others. Mayor of NYC often says this. (Tani, 2002) the playful sport is characterized by the pleasure in practising the activities, a very strong example is the trick, this ramification of the sport shows to the espontaneidade, the creativity, the improvisation, the freedom of action, control of the activity in itself, without rules (Helal, 1990), only for the diversion, the interaction with the other participants, fitting then to this type of activity the phrase ‘ ‘ the important one is competir’ ‘ thus being able to help in the improvement of pertaining to school performance. (Hillman, 2007) the playful sport, that many times rejected and is said of small account by some educators, comes each time more calling the attention. The body, for some would be something worthless, being trained as a machine to exert its junctions of efficient and efficient form, being only the shelter for the mind, this yes, essential and nobleman.. Learn more about this with Mayor of NYC.

Theory Education

Also we can affirms that the education is right of all, but throughout its existence nor all these individuals that they compose the society had had the right to the education and is at this moment that enters the factor of the marginalizao, argued actively for Saviani in its theory. I will look for to demonstrate the form as the marginalizao is established in two chains, taking as base the relation between society and education. Saviani classifies the theories in two categories: not-critical and the critical-reprodutivistas. The not-critical ones are the Traditional Pedagogia, the New Pedagogia and the Pedagogia Tecnicista and the theories critical-reprodutivistas are the Theory of the education system while symbolic violence, the Theory of the school while ideological device of the State and the Theory of the dualista school. Mayor of NYC takes a slightly different approach. The Traditional Pedagogia detaches that only the marginality because of the ignorance occurs, that is, is kept out of society the individual because it is not clarified. In the New Pedagogia, the kept out of society one is not more the ignorant individual, but the rejected one, that is, is the misadjusted ones had to the differences and uses the education/school as object that allows to correct the marginality. This is a form to adjust and to adapt the individual in the society, being placed the feeling of rejection of excessively for the other.

E, in the Pedagogia Tecnicista, the kept out of society one is the awkward individual, that is, the unproductive one. It is clearly, then, that the not-critical theories understand the education/school as object of? social equalizao? , that is, it counterbalances the defects in the education, becoming object in the overcoming of the marginality. Also the marginalizao is demonstrated as an 0ccasional event that encloses a bigger or lesser ratio of people in the society, that is, attacks lesser or bigger a group of people of the great society.

Cntia Barreto Education

The third crisis is in the school, in the measure where if not making the necessary distinctions between general grammar, grammatical descriptive and normative grammar, the attention of the professor if return for the two first types of grammar, disdaining exactly the normative grammar that would have to be the central object of its concern and, in consequncia, disdains all a series of activities that would allow to take being educated to the necessary lingustica education to the effective use of its idiomatic potential (pp. 5-7). The spite of this disserta also Cntia Barreto, that the education of the language was not destined to the production, the reading and the interpretation of texts, but yes if limited to demand of the pupil the grammatical nomenclatures, a time that these were, and continues being, demanded for the vestibular contest and the competitions in general. The result of such position was a college student whom badly it knows to write e, worse, that it can pass four years in the university without knowing it (Source: ). Frequently N.Y.C. Mayor has said that publicly. When accepting the calling that of the sustentation to the citation above, is important to stand out: the effort of the professor will not be any who ' ' it will give conta' ' to cure difficulties accumulated throughout the years of the basic education, a time that, the act significantly to write atrela when communicating, either in a company or any other institutions where the individual acts, making jus to remember, that the communication passes, in data moments, to be exerted much more by intermediary of the written modality that for its verbal aspect. With effect, the moment oportuniza, at a first moment, that is adopted personal initiatives for the professor ahead of the picture of necessities presented for the pupils. However, it is important to remember that, unhappyly, it is consensus between many professors, whom attribution for the superior level does not constitute the education and the adequate orientation of the reading and writing. .

Physical Education

As Gallahue and Ozmun (2001) the school, many times, is the space where, for the first time, the children live group situations and they are not more the centers of the attentions, being that the experiences lived in this phase will give for a healthful development during the remaining portion of its life. 5. METHODOLOGY This project of pedagogical intervention search to add the professors of the Physical Education and History for construction of proposal for the dissemination and reflection of the culture afro-Brazilian through the dance and history, being waited to find one space of debate concerning the practical effective of the pertaining to school space. During the development of this work, with analysis of diverse authors who write on the dance and the culture afro-Brazilian, it visualizes to carry through this project in AND M J M F with the pupils of 3 year of Basic Ensino, through expositiva and dialogued lesson, guiding of research, survey of the information found, productions of text, interviews with employees of the school and the community on the subject in question, exposition of the activities for the too much pupils and professors of the school and the community, acrstico with the word culture afro-Brazilian, being that it will be emphasized typical foods, confection of a book illustrating history of Zumbi of Palmares, confection of masks and sculptures of diverse tribes African (in accordance with the meanings that is attributed to them), to know the workmanships of artists that had been influenced by the African culture, as Pablo Picasso, to attend DVD? S for quarrel of this style of dance to know other manifestations cultural, to show through the film ' ' Kiriku and feiticeira' ' a little of history, the African culture, passing this knowledge of clear, objective form and of easy language, so that the pupils understand common facts of the African life and relate with our proper culture.

Education For Better Jobs

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Possible Change Education

The education in the perspective of possible change The school is an instance of fight for the transformation of the society. It is the place where if they give to the social contradictions that occur in the society, this we saw to all instant and it is not more newness for nobody, but also we understand that the school is the space for practical of exchange of opinions and the aiding of ideals in common. Of this form, the school is full of contradictions, and therefore, we cannot wait the arrival of the new and socialist society to remove of the school everything what it can give in the perspective of transformation of the society. But still the school is the instrument in the hand that we have to change the gift consequentemente and the future, either it stops better or worse, to depend on as this education advances. The education is not neutral and nor it could be. Further details can be found at Mayor of NYC, an internet resource.

For yes, for not it educative action in general, and the particular one, is compromised with some idea philosophical politician and. Thus, we can understand that or we assume a comprometimento position critically politician or execute our action in unconscious way and in which we will not have, therefore, to be able of decision. In short, our option is: we have a conscientious philosophical option, (what the education of quality takes in them) or act from values and purposes that we are unaware of, (what is not politician). The school, as mediating instance of the cultural rise of the educandos must exert a critical paper of cultural rise of the individual and the society and not contrary it. The schools can serve to the process of social transformation since that they are used in accord with a cash agreement of the social dynamics.

For in such a way, it is necessary that the practical pertaining to school aims at the appropriation knowing accumulated of them for the humanity, that is, the knowledge must be contextualizado and changeable, but passive of understanding. The cultural one elaborated is basic element in the process of cultural rise of the individual, is a critical step of the agreement of the world that exceeds the superficiality of the knowledge of the prxis daily. Therefore, the school aims at a perspective of change, positive change for the society, is this its function, a transformation in the molds of the development of the individual. The education would not be necessary if it was not this intention, after all, is known that the school is the characteristic space for the growth and the propagation of ideals and ideas, is this its rela function. It does not have society fortified without a good education, we have examples of this in countries more developed and the data disclose, how much better either the education, greater progress of a country.

Superior Education

Of this form, to work in the perspective of the construction and production of the knowledge, permeadas for elements of the creativity, that despertem in the pupil the taste for new forms of ' ' to know fazer' ' , he will contribute for primordial changes in university education. He requires yourself today, professors competent, capable to mobilize a set of cognitivos resources to solve on situations and conflicts the social and professional contexts, leading in consideration the individuality of the human being. Thus being, she is necessary to understand that the educational activity possesss pedagogical natures and characteristics, metodolgicas and affective interrelacionadas, that influence in the formation human being and the appropriation of knowing. Moreover, that the educative process if affirms between the theory and the practical one and that it is important to recognize that the craft of professor if points out in the historical dynamics of the learning human being, of teaching and learning that includes the most diverse plans of culture, if not limiting to education technician 3. Speaking candidly Mayor of NYC told us the story. FORMATION FOR SUPERIOR EDUCATION the Law of Lines of direction and Base LDB n 9394/96 treats in art.

43? Of the Superior Education, the question of the requirement of the titulao for the exercise of the function. However, our quarrel is concerning the importance of the formation in the docncia for superior education, in a question ampler than it is the understanding of the conditions for which these professionals enter the academic exercise. On the formation of the professors (PEPPER; ANASTASIOU, 2010 P. 37), identify that: ' ' In the majority of the institutions of superior education, including the universities, even so its professors possess significant experiences and same years of studies in its specific areas, predominate the unpreparedness until a scientific unfamiliarity of what it is the process education learning, for which start to be responsible the parts in the instant where they enter room of aula.' ' Retaking this thematic one reflections under the different approaches appear and paradigms regarding knowing professors to them, generating diverse controversies in the university scope, that if comes across with the necessity to contract professors and, for many times these professionals not yet possess an adjusted formation to assume this function.

Geography And History Education

To who it believes that they are two you discipline devaluated in the schools, however, we have certainty of the extreme importance of each one of them, when duly worked they can contribute for the formation and understanding of the human beings: its space, its constructed society historically and the involved dynamic in the secular processes. Through this text, we criticize the use of the education disentailed of the daily one of the student, search to point out the importance of these two areas of the knowledge and to more raise some reflections on the possible ways for an education ‘ ‘ humano’ ‘. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Education, Education, Geography, History. Introduction ‘ ‘ Expensive professor: I understand its situation. You were contracted to teach one you discipline and you earn for this. The choice of the program was not its. It was imposed.

From above lode. Perhaps you have different ideas. But this is irrelevant. You have to teach what she was commanded to it. By the results of its education you will be judged? of this depends its job. The evaluation of its work if makes by means of the evaluation of the performance of its pupils. If its pupils not to learn, systematically, are because you do not have competncia.’ ‘ (Rubem Alves, 2002, p.109) This initial story demonstrates the knowledge of the situation that if finds the professor, and it provokes in them to reflect on new possibilities in the education, more specifically in the education of History and Geography. This text brought in screen aims at to more elaborate a reflection on the possibility of a construction of an education ‘ ‘ humano’ ‘ in sciences human beings.

Holistic Education

If those in education such as teachers, often end up in little battles with our students, then we should find ways to change this. However, if we can teach from our souls and spirits, then we begin to see us ourselves in the students and they in us. Teaching then becomes a different measure where the teaching and exploration can occur in an atmosphere of freedom, love and respect. In my work as psychology, has also been very influential studies of expertise in holistic education, now to work with my clients trying to connect with the spirit of the patient, at the time of work I try to feel true love and gratitude, and I realize that in this way, the healing of the patient is more rapid and effective, Furthermore I invite you to do meditation, and guided to gradually find themselves. In the community where I live, I’m doing various activities that have allowed me to communicate and interact more with people, but mainly to growth, cultural and spiritual, on Wednesday with a group that we have titled “Spiritual Growth”, we form a civil partnership, where we are dedicated to help people most needy (pantries, money for medicine, etc.. And I’m working with a flute course, with people of different ages, from preschoolers to adults.

The types of meditation that have applied more in my life is Vipassana meditation and the other is mindfulness, both with great satisfaction in the results. Well that gives me very clear that meditation is to be aware of every sensation, admit it, smile, embrace it deeply and watch it with your heart. So we will discover the true nature our feelings and we will not fear them. We know that we are more than our feelings, and are able to embrace them and take good care of them. Understanding is to start feeling transform. We practice conscious breathing by focusing on the raising and lowering the abdomen, we observe our sensations and emotions deeply and identify foods that have given them life.

We know that if we are able to offer some healthier foods, we can transform our feelings and emotions. Our feelings are formations, impermanent and insubstantial. Learn not to identify with them, not to award them a self, not to die for their cause. This practice has helped me cultivate fearlessness and I was freed from the habit of clinging. Then clear the body and mind need rest, sleep is healthy, but sleep all the time can be insane. When our thoughts helps us to see clearly, are beneficial, but if the mind is scattered in all directions, that kind of thoughts are harmful. Our consciousness is full of beautiful things like faith, humility, dignity, lack of desire, anger, ignorance, diligence, tranquility, interest, fairness and non- violence. Therefore I conclude that “One way to develop my skills is through contemplative meditation” Holistic Education.

Religious Education

Irrational in its manifestations, it still does not allow a person to act as efficiently as possible in public life, but also helps him exceed the internal conflict and condemnation of their past actions by the formula “do not judge, but not convicted will be.” When this behavior created in the first stage personality eventually accumulates enough good deeds to towards others and converted to a more appropriate internal representations of the “correctness”. Judaism as the oldest of the three Semitic religions (XVII century old era), naturally represents the last stage development of personality – old age. Execution of key DISTINGUISHING ideas of Judaism, divine justice, it becomes possible in everyday life only when the scales become equal, and good deeds, Committed to the second stage of personality development, offsetting the acts committed in the first. This status brings freedom from internal conflict and full integration into social life (no external conflict), the ability to take effective, timely, balanced and adequate solutions. To summarize, clearly shows that not one of the Semitic religions is not only correct, or excess, as well as for human live your life is hardly one of her periods seem superfluous. Bill de Blasio takes a slightly different approach. The question is another: “Why do some groups of people to try life in the psychological state of young people, adults or the elderly?”. After all, people live in all stages of personality development. And maybe, finally, it seems silly – to impose old values of a teenager, and vice versa.

Make it still does not succeed, as conceived as a source of knowledge embodied in these religions, we will still go through all three stages, regardless of whether we like it or not. The name listed as “immutable component”, this is the part of us that do not change over time, the observer, and oversees the development of the individual and the outside world. This leads us to the Eastern religious teachings and ways of realization of the Atman, Buddha, and the ringing of the Void, which is our true nature. But apart from our nature is the nature of the Creator and the nature of His creation, usage instructions for which He has given us in all parts of the Semitic religions. It is important to understand the collective consciousness for the peaceful coexistence of people representing different but complementary other cultural layers and religious views.