Spanish Cinema Academy

Film Awards opens the curtain we start film awards, a new channel exclusively dedicated to the cinema where you will find all the latest news from the world of the seventh art and who will pay special attention to coverage of the most important film festivals. In this new space more glamorous main festivals of cinema will find the latest news from national and international cinema scene, interviews of your favorite actors, the trailers of the best films, and photographs. GOYA Awards next February 13 will be held the gala of the Goya, follow it live and enjoy the best photos of the. If carpet rojaaun don’t know the list of nominees for the Goya, favorite movies here you can find all the information. It enters Goya Awards and enjoy the best Spanish film. OSCARS in our new channel, we offer you the first announced the nominees for the Oscar, you can also watch trailers of the nominated films, actors and actresses winners of the Oscar in previous editions, the live gala and the best dresses from the red carpet at the Oscars. Live awards continues through most complete retransmission of the awards ceremonies. Find out live everything that happens in the finery of two of the most prestigious festivals of the world: first impressions winners, galleries of images of the red carpet, videos of the gala, complete list of winners and much more. Put to the test your intuition which movie will be the winner of the Goya Awards? do Balada Triste de trompeta, by alex de la Iglesia? do Pa Negre, Agusti Villaronga’s? Also Iciar Bollain rain? Participates in our Predictor of Goya and ahead of the members of the Spanish Cinema Academy. Tell us who will be the winners of every category and prove you’re a real guru of celluloid.